Saturday, September 15, 2007

Whoopi vs SilentBat & P.E. Clothes

When I woke up my brother was online on my laptop because I had to use his computer to finish up the effects for the second short of Whoopi vs SilentBat II, which was extremely hard for me because the computer would not cooperate with me when I wanted to export it (see above). So eventually I handed off the completed clips to Whoopi and he took the burden for me (well not much of a burden because he's got that new iMac of his, see below).

I would have kept at it with my computer but my dad was due to pick me up at two o'clock to get P.E. gear and groceries.

First we went to Ross to find some green shorts but they didn't. They did have these cool green track pants there but I didn't think they would be allowed so we turned and left.

I suggested that we go to Big 5 because my teacher mentioned that that would be a good place to look for shoes and shorts. On the way, my dad showed me the finished product of the logo I made for him and his new basketball team (see above).

Don't fall for those cute faces. Looking after them is tough work (Zaria & Kai).

I like this picture (above) because of the lighting. My dad is in the light, looking down at his children in the shadows.

When we got into Big 5 we found some good running/tennis shoes (that happen to have been green and white, Hamilton colors!) My dad found some shorts but they were way too small so he put them back and my mom called me to tell me she put money in my account to go grocery shopping so I looked to my watched and realized the bank was closing in fifteen minutes. It's great that my credit union is open now on weekends as well as weekdays because we made it on time and I got my money out before it closed.

When I came out of the bank I decided to take a picture of one of my father's many bumper stickers. He's definitely more health-prone then I am. I'm a pescarian vegetarian (vegetarian who eats fish) as well but I definitely don't do as much as he does to keep super healthy.

Right after my visit to the bank we went to find some shorts but could not find any at this place.

So we went to Target and we got them. Along with a few groceries (mostly snacks for lunches).

My dad played the cool father for a quick second when he started to roll across the Target floors with my little sister in brother in the cart. After target we went to Home Depot to get some stuff for my little sister's desk and then we headed to our last stop: Trader Joe's.

We got a lot of food, a lot more than I usually get when I got because my dad made a few suggestions here and there. The total should have came out around $80.00 or so but the chasier rung it up at around $65.00 and pretty much told us it was on him. What a nice guy.

Here is my P.E. uniform (above).

I love to see a full refrigerator.

And a full freezer.

Not to mention lots of snacks for out lunches.

While at Trader Joe's my dad told me a little secret about using tea bags as a sort of Kool-Aid when I was grabbing for some strawberry lemonade. He told me that the tea would (1) be much better for me (health-wise) and (2) is a lot less expensive than buying a bottle of juice, even though it was reasonably priced. So today I tried my hand out in:

Jelani's Green Mango Iced-Tea

First, you have your empty pitcher with green tea and mango tea ready.

Get a pot, fill it up, and let it boil.

Insert mango-flavored tea (two bags).

Pour boiling mango-flavored tea into pitcher.

Boil some more water.

Insert green tea (two bags).

Pour boiling green tea into the pitcher with mango green tea.

Add preferred amount of sugar.

Honey helps too. Place the tea into freezer (if you want to cool it quicker) or just stick it in the fridge and wait for it to cool down and add ice later.

I also made some stir-fry

Shrimp! Shrimp! Shrimp!

Veggies! Veggies! Veggies!

Dinner! Dinner! Dinner!

I think I look like a complete dork in this picture but hey that's me so I let it go through.

Whoopi isn't the only one getting updates from Apple.

We posted the second short to Whoopi vs SilentBat today and it got great response. Look at all these folks (see below)!:

Peace and much love to all those who have supported us in our endeavors with Whoopi vs SilentBat. This blog goes out to you all.


v-dog said...

yay im in it!!!

ooo i went to trader joes yesterday too!
my dad was on this mission to try and find scallops for dinner lol

WHOOPI said...

yay everyone has food but me :(....can you make me another shake.....plz?
hahaha and thats pretty koo that windows have apples updates, how nice of apple.....damn why does windows have to be soo greedy.....

LiL Wu said...

-I love ross
-T shirt warehouse! I remember that place
-smoothies, i have yet to try an antoine original
-hahah your dad is cool...young hearted, just like my mom
-your drinking tea pic is AMAZING

*_*Antoine*_* said...

I also needed a little shave in that picture.