Saturday, September 8, 2007

Filming and T-Shirt designs

I woke up early this morning to get ready for the second session of Quidditch but sadly we lost although I would debate the last question on numerous accounts, including its difficultly and what the "correct" answer was but whatever. It still was a lot of fun and I score three goals (30 points).

Later in the day, Whoopi came over so we could film the second short leading up to our film in the Spring: Whoopi vs SilentBat II. First thing we did, like they do on most movie sets, is feed ourselves. We had pizza and smoothie (see below, look back a few entries to see the ingredients). After eating we got into filming and it came with a lot of laughs. We were goofing off a little too much I'd say. Well, we got it all done, Whoopi with a cut on his forehead from my lightsaber hilt, and me with cuts on my hands. As I post now, Whoopi is editing the raw footage we shot today and like I said before I'll put the effects on tomorrow and next week and it should be out sometime then (see below, click pictures to enlarge).

After he left I my friend and I were discussing the t-shirts we were making. I do the graphics and she usually does the iron-ons but this on t-shirt that we made came out particularly well (see below). The Inner-City Filmmakers t-shirt, which is the first one below this text, is good and all but the President Palmer one beats it out by a long shot. It's so brilliant! We've been telling each other we had to do this for a long time but we would always hold it off and never do it but now we are finally seeming to go through with it and it has turned out very nicely. We have themed it to be as though President Palmer were running in the up-coming 2008 election.

For those of you who are not familiar with David Palmer he is a now deceased character on 24, the Fox show, and he is pretty much the first black president, which was very fitting for the design we took on because it is based off of Barrack Obama's t-shirt that my friend found online and he it looks like an authentic presidential campaign shirt. On the back there is a picture of Palmer which we had always planned to use but only as a picture. Today I got the idea of using a quote with it and I sent off a half dozen to her and we both agreed on one that was very relevant to the current events which reads:

"If we unleash our military power on nations that later prove innocent, it will rank as one of the most despicable sneak attacks in history. Any chance for peace in the Middle East will vanish forever. Even if it'll cost American lives in the future, we must delay this attack until we are certain of our ground."

-- David Palmer, 2007

(Date is fictional, of course)

Oh! And I inked and colored teh sketch I did from yesterday!

Peace. VideoBlog tomorrow.

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Me said...

we should make shirts to show how cool we are. like ann twone and lily ann shirts or something