Thursday, September 6, 2007

Smoothies & Pep Rallies, Two Days Down

YahooWeather lied again. But this time they lied less. It would say it was a solid 80 degrees today. So I'll give that to them. Yesterday, along with it being the first day of school it was the first time my family went shopping to Trader Joe's in about two months and I bought a lot of smoothie ingredients which I would love to describe to you. I call this wonder smoothie:

Antoine's Special! (for two people):

The order of the ingredients go by amount of that ingredient.

Start out with three-fourths of a cup or one cup of frozen strawberries (frozen because smoothies are much better especially cold. It may also help to have some ice in it as well).

Add a banana (unfrozen) and a half into the blender with the strawberries (eat the other extra half ^_^)

Add two scoops of Soy Cream. (Scoops are determined by gouging with a table spoon).

Soy Cream is optional but it definitely adds a bit of flavor.

Add a slice or two of watermelon into the smoothie. My slices were about three inches in length and two inches across in width.

Add two tablespoons of peanut butter. (Difficult to get off spoon. May need knife to scrape off).

A fourth of a cup of some sort of liquid should always be added, but preferably it should be some sort of fruit juice. I've had the best experience with Apple Juice but in this case I used Trader Joe's Strawberry Lemonade which turned out mighty fine!

It should all be in the blender. Press the ICEBREAKER button (preferably) option or SMOOTHIE option and let your machine do its magic.

Few minutes later you should have something like this!

And serve! Yum! What a great breakfast!

AP government was better today. I think I got a bad impression of my teacher. She was definitely more chill today once the class got underway. My friend sent me a note halfway through class, telling me not to crush on her because I had a bit of a crush on my 10th grade world history teacher. No she was no super model! What can I say, I like brains!

Second period was very fun. It was the first time I got to go to my Yearbook class because my schedule was messed up at first. We basically moved computers into a new room and bookcases and stuff. Everyone either lifted, cleaned, or consulted other school's yearbooks to get ideas from them. My job was to take pictures of everyone in the class so that I could eventually make badges for them all (see my picture below). It was a nice way to get to know people. I don't have their pictures up for confidentiality issues and all that jazz and plus it would be a pain in the butt to upload them all. Once I have the graphic done for the badges I will show you all a sample badge.

Again, in Tennis the teacher spoke very little about our actually playing tennis but he did answer someone's questions about not having to bring tennis rackets to the class.

Lunch came around and there was a pep rally. It was cool and all but it was right next to where we hung out and was a little distracting. Before, all the pep rallies were held on the stone stage which was pretty much on the other end of the quad but now they were on the balcony and in the front of the technology building. It was still good fun but a little crowded. I had my camera on me and I thought to myself, "Hey, self! We should take pictures so that we can put it up on the blog later." While I was walking towards the rally a girl from yearbook staff came up to me and was like "I see you are already about to take pictures" and I was confused for a moment until I realized she had been talking about the yearbook and I thought, "Woah! I can kills two birds with one camera!" So I went and took bunches of pictures (see below). The best picture was the one of this one cheerleader getting massive air merely off her feet. After taking pictures of the cheerleaders I went up through the tech building to the balcony and took more pictures of the students below dancing and cheering. My hangout spot is under the tree to the far left, so you could see how invaded my friends could have felt. While I was up there I was able find the DJ and when I got back down from the balcony they were playing this really popular song that had its own dance to it. Something about superman. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about and think its silly that I don't know but that's really all I know.

The day passed and I went to English and was given this super confusing poem about some drunk, I think. Then I went on to Technical Theater and we did a bunch of moving paint from the theater to this storage bin (see below).

When I got home Whoopi started instant messaging me about Whoopi vs SilentBat II and all the people who keep coming up to him and asking when the next one would be out and we started talking about scheduling and all that jazz. I told him I would be done with all that business on Sunday. We also plan on shooting another teasers this Saturday which should be up by this coming Sunday or Monday or Tuesday at the latest, depending on how soon I can get the lightsaber effects done. In terms of the film we were talking a lot about, aside from the filming schedule, the publicity. I really hope we can have t-shirts made this time and we're trying to rent out a theater for a day at the Santa Monica Library and we're definitely doing a DVD this year which will hopefully be out along with its internet release or soon after. This senior year thing is looking up!

What ever happened to K-Mart. It was a random idea I had while making pizza for dinner. Whoopi reckons it got pwn'd by Wal-Mart. That's a good theory.

Oh and I added this thing called weatherstudio to my PC laptop. It's pretty cool. I always have the weather on hand (see below).


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