Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holly '11 Inch Wand

Spending the weekend in Palmdale with my mom this weekend.

What's the best thing about Palmdale besides it's barren land and extreme hot/cold weather and one mall is the food my mom feeds me and the dogs.

They got a new dog named Jack (the white one) the old one is Bam Bam (the black one).

I also got my wand finally! I have my scarf too but I don't know where I put it and I don't feel like getting it cause I've promised someone my full attention (haha).

List updated:
Donations to Whoopi vs. SilentBat II G4 fund
PSP ($50 - increased due to interest) – Ijeoma, Whoopi, Elynn, Candace
Spider-Man (PSone) ($1) – Candace
Playstation ($50) – None
Sega Genesis ($50) – None
Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 ($10) – None
Gameboy Advance SP with games ($20) – None
Extra ($5) for Pokemon Crystal – None
Jedi Star Fighter (XBOX) ($5) – None
Knockout Kings 2002 (XBOX) ($10) – None
Sega GT 2002 (XBOX) ($5) – None
Red Dead Revolver (XBOX) ($5) – None
All four XBOX games ($20) – None
Katana (Decorative) ($20) – Amber
Tanto (Decorative) ($15) – None
Windows 95 PC ($30) – None
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($1) – None

*I prefer cash, I'll take checks too. None of that credit card business though*

Peace. Lupe Fiasco tomorrow! Maybe later tonight with an update.

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lilllyyyyywuuuu said...

full attention: yay :)
and cute dooogss!!
like the bedsheet too