Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanye or 50? Lupe Fiasco!, Five Days Down

On the way from school I saw this bucket in the middle of the street across from my apartment complexes and I just had to do the right thing . . . (see below)

So I moved it.

My scar is a bit better (see below).

While everyone was going crazy about Kanye and 50 I was searching up on Lupe Fiasco to see what's up with his new album (due out November 20) and this is what I found:

Lupe states for this album [The Cool]:
The pieces won't come together, seriously, until like three weeks before it comes out. We'll probably record everything in, like, a week. So we're just gonna get it all together, map it out, have it done to a T, and then go and record. Then fresh from the studio, fresh to mastering ...so it eliminates a lot of time and error that was surrounding my debut.[1]

Sounds like he doesn't want his tracks to get leaked before its debut like what happen with Kick, Push, Sunshine and some of his other tracks on Food & Liquor, which I now dub my favorite album. Can't wait for the next one! Lupe is real stuff. An old school rapper in the since that he's about to go in a week before the debut before his album and spit the whole thing. Rumors are that he's going to make his third album and hop out of the hip hop game and really sure hope he doesn't. Like he had in his intro on Food & Liquor:
The well is running dry, the days of Malcolm and Martin have ended Our hope has descended and off to the side Waiting for the reinstallment of the revolution Because we are dying at the cost of our own pollution But God has another solution, that has evolved from the hood I present one who turns, the Fiasco to good

and then he goes on to say in I Gotcha:
So from the runner of the FNF crew
Come in hip hop we've come to resurrect You

And hip hop does need some resurrection. Some folks like to compare Kanye and Lupe sometimes and I don't even think it's much of a choice. Lupe hit it home with Food & Liquor much better then what I have heard from Kanye on College Drop Out. I should listen to Kanye's whole first album though to really see who's got the best tracks but right now it's all for the "Fiasco to turn to good."

Also, speaking of his new album, this is his first single on it "SuperStar":

Wanna listen to it. Well click here!

My favorite lines:

And you better wear your shades
The spotlights here can burn holes through the stage
Down through the basement
Passed the Indian graves
Where the dinosaurs laid
And out through china
Nearly misses air liners
Magnified times five
This is pointed at the ryhmer
Ricochets off the moon and sets the forest a blaze
Now that’s important to say
Cuz even with all of that
Most of us don’t want it to fade
We want it to braid
Meaning we want it to grow
Meaning we want it to stay

If I'm analyzing this correctly I think this is a nice critique on our societies attachment to our modern world but we're killing ourselves with it and we don't mind seeing it grow worst because it is so ingrained in us.. Sounds like The Matrix to me. Or at least one particular line from The Matrix which Morpheous says: "Some of these people are not yet ready to be unplugged from the Matrix."

In other news, Harry Potter has displaced the James Bond series as the top grossing film series of all time. That is 5 Potter films against 22 Bond films at the worldwide box office. Warner Brothers announced Monday that to date Harry & Company eclipsed the old record by taking in the still growing record of $4.47 billion and remember, WB has two more Potter movies scheduled, plus film 5 is still showing in major markets.

"It is amazing to think what heights the franchise could reach by the end of the decade," said Warner's domestic distribution president Dan Fellman.
Currently playing movie five, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", helped the Potter series pass the 007 movies on September 2 when it reached $923.7 million at the box office. The James Bond franchise falls to second place with $4.44 billion. Harry now tops even the 6 films of Star Wars which is in third place at $4.23 billion. Order of the Phoenix is still showing in many countries as a feature film, and this will only add to the Potter lead.

"The appeal of the 'Harry Potter' movies knows no border, no age limit and no language barrier," Warner's international distribution president Veronika Kwan-Rubinek said.
The original article is located on The Hollywood Times website.

I saw a clip of this movie on the Ellen show yesterday it looks rather interesting beyond just that Daniel Radcliffe is getting out and doing something besides Harry Potter.

This isn't the clip I found but its the trailer:

Here are two one second clips of some shots from the next Whoopi vs SilentBat Short:


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