Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love they Wealth, Eleven Days Down

"They made us hate ourself and love they wealth" --Kanye West, College Drop Out

Could this video be making Kanye's words ring true? Now in this cause I use Kanye's words metaphorically to the "wealth" of straighten hair (watch below for elaboration).

I would believe this mentality that was experimented here is very valid not just for children but for us more grown up people to. Watch the video below and then answer the following question.

(1) How would you describe the way Ed Wuncler (the one using the sidekick) was acting?

Think it over first before reading ahead. Give yourself about a full minute.

. . .

If you answered that Ed Wuncler was "acting black" or something similar to that why do you think so? Because he was being really ghetto? Because he was texting his weed man and his "bitches" on his sidekick? Because of what he was wearing? Because he was "talking black"?

Why would you associate all these negative things to the word black? Do you, like the black girl in Girl Like Me, subconsciously think that white doll is better, that the black doll is worse? Think about it. Now think back to your everyday life and the black people you encounter. Think about the ones you would associate with "acting white". What are they doing? Are any of those things negative. Think of someone you would call from another race as trying to "act black". How do they act?

Just some food for thought. (If you skipped and did not watch the videos you would not get the full effect of the exercise).

Really can't wait for Heroes coming next Monday. If you click here you will be sent to an interview with some of the cast and if you click here you will be sent to a review of the last season in full.

Here is a 6 minute preview clip of the first episode called Four Months Later (watch it before it's taken off YouTube):

Actually, I'm too impressed with this little snippet of preview. The stuff I was interested with was thew characters who were running from the cops (Maya & Alejandro), the Bennet family and what's going on with them (not so much Claire herself as an individual), and the disease that Mohinder was talking about (but again, not Mohinder himself and why he's being followed).

First, I never really liked Claire and her teenage drama trying to be normal and meeting boys and all that bull. The only time I ever thought she was bad ass was when she came out of her house all charred and burned and was regenerating as she walked and how she dove out of the fifteen floor window to get away from her father and wicked grandmother and got right back up. But both those instances were to do with effects and not necessarily her character. I do think she's a wonderful actor but I feel like this whole teenage girl thing is just so redundant.

Second, I really dislike that Takezo Kensei is being played by some British dude when I was fully expecting him to be Japanese as he is depicted in his drawings, unless it turns out Hiro himself turns out to be Kensei, which will be very very cool (after rewatching, Kensei says he has other dudes ride around for him and say they're Kensei so that could be an explanation). Other then that about the scene with Hiro and Kensei, I really didn't like the acting. I thought Masi Oka (who plays Hiro) would be playing a much more matured Hiro by now but he's still whining. Argh!

And Mohinder. I've always been torn between liking him and not liking him and from what I've seen from this video I do not like him, or at least the story that seems to be repeating itself for him. At the start of Season 2 he was lecturing a bunch of students about evolution and now he's doing the same thing, with the twist of a disease. Also, I don't think the guy who plays him is an entirely good actor, although he has his moments (i.e. when he was about to get his revenge of Sylar in Season 1).

But there was a lot of things left out of the six minutes that was shown, like . . . Peter, Nathan, Niki(and still Jessica?), Micah, Matt, Sylar, the little girl who can see where people are who's name escapes me and that new character, Elle, who is due out to be played by Kristen Bell.

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