Friday, September 28, 2007

Donate, Seventeen Days Down

Hmmm . . . I may go to this. Moving that ladder was intense at one point, it almost toppled over the stairs at one point.

I have been offered a Mac G4 by one of my video teacher's former students (and possibly the new video teacher for next year) for a fair sum of $600 dollars in two $300 dollar payments. I have the first payment down but I need help with the next three hundred. I have a PSone and Sega Genesis I'm selling for $50 dollars each with all the games along with it for $1 each. I'll also be selling a few PS2 games for $5-10 dollars each. I have a PSP going for $40 with a game. I have a GameBoy Advance SP (Red). I have a fair few of XBOX games like Jedi Star Fighter, Knockout Kings 2002, Sega GT 2002 and Red Dead Revolver, all going for $5. I'm also selling my Katana (Samurai sword) and Tanto (dagger used by Samurai to commit Seppeku). Also, I'm selling an old Windows 95 PC. It works perfectly it's just really old. If you know anyone by some crazy chance who would want one. I've got it. If you yourself are interested or know someone who would be interested just message me on myspace and we'll work something out.

That's it. If I have any updates on what I'm selling I will definitely say it in a SilentBat in Sixty Seconds on my YouTube!



WHOOPI said...

i got dibs on the psp!!!

v-dog said...

sell your stuff on!!!!

you'll get more money for your things

*_*Antoine*_* said...

do i have to get an account on craig's list and all that?