Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season 2, Thirteen Days Down

Late fees on the ACT! Oh well, at least I'll take them right?

Not much happened at school. When school got out Ben, Hilary and I went over to his house to put our things away for the Heroes party later.

His brother.

His Chi Chi (not be mistaken with the slang term "breast" in Spanish)

Later, after we left his house, we went to the Japanese (or is it general Asian) supermarket called Mitsuwa off of Venice and Centinela.

I got some pocky and Meiji Apollo Chocolate/Strawberry Bars

Hilary got some chopsticks.

I don't know if this came out so well. I was trying to hard to achieve the Japanese school girl look. It's gotta be natural. My face is too tense.

Ben suggested I'd have this at one of their restaurants. I forgot what it was called until Lillian just told me:

Yes Lillian I did like it.

After Mitsuwa, we stopped by my house so I could grab up the Whoopi vs SilentBat II equipment for the next day and headed back to Ben's house.

Then we decided to drop in on some old friend: Candace and Brittany.

We attempted to help Britteny with her Math Analysis homework but I was just as confused as she.

When we were about to go Ben lost his keys so we retraced his steps for a solid ten minutes (an hour before Heroes) and man were those the longest ten minutes ever. We found them in the grass!

Yup, High Definition.

At this point my heart was beating for it in anticipation.

Chi Chi really wanted it. I could see it in her eyes.

Eh . . . it was alright. Pretty slow but it was just the introduction to the season and the expositions of anything (books, films, shows) are usually the toughest to get through. It really picked up in the last five minutes though, I must admit. I was really impressed with the Nathan scenes, Hiro scenes and the one scene Peter got at the end. I would give it a 7/10.

Then I did homework before I slept.

Peace. Lupe Fiasco will return when free time comes about.

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