Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Massacre, Fourteen Days Down

Yes, I slept in a different bed so I took a picture it instead of my usual room. Get it?

I own yearbook staff!

After school went so well! I kept the children's over a little later than I want (30+ minutes) but it was all chill. They were really patient and were good sports about it. I messed up Alyssa's (bottom picture) name up so much though.

There was this lady on the first floor who was being a big jerk, staying in the shot and being difficult when we asked her kindly to move to the side a little. She was like "No! You have to pay me to be in the shot! What is this anyway? Is this some big production?" There was two things wrong with the things she said there. First off, I was trying to get her OUT the shot not IN! For her to say we should pay her to be in the shot was just her inability to hear us or her plain stupidity. Second, how could she even question if this was a big production when there were somewhere around seven extras behind me, Whoopi and me! Some people are just so difficult. But I think I handled it well . . . I let Whoopi deal with it! Thanks Whoopi!

NO! It is not a huge steering wheel. It's a bootleg steady cam, which works out really nicely.

The picture below are just images of Whoopi and me practicing or just messing around.

My grandmother picked us up and took Whoopi home.

Everybody say bye Whoopi!

The video below is sooo funny.



yellow lemon girl said...

woof! or should i say WUuf! lol
its kinda late to think of something clever to say but. i thought id leave a comment anyways. yay for our similarity belt. soon its gonna be handier and fuller than Batman's utility belt

WHOOPI said...

hahahaha u sneaky bastard hahaha now everyone knows where i live!! lol jk!!

*_*Antoine*_* said...

nah, image is too small for anyone to see the address.