Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTA IV - Opening Movie & First Mission

Won't be able to play until next weekend :(

The opening titles were great. Most new films are doing them like that, where they are interacting with the landscape around them.

Already I can tell this game has a great storyline. "What you forget our language?" I think that's really powerful knowing the premise of this game being based off the "American Dream". And in the car scene if you listen closely Roman, Niko's (the main character) brother says, "There are some good women here" and Niko says, "We have good women in our country too." It really seems like Roman like a lot of other foreigners are losing touch with their native country like with people in real life. Also, this game's story really does feel more authentic. The people seem a lot more real. And also (I've watched other videos) Niko seems to be the nicest GTA Protagonist I've seen yet. It's fantastic! Sure, he's still a murderer, a theft and an all around criminal, but still. Cannot wait to get this game and blaze through it, the storyline and its character's seem so engaging.

The player in the video is horrible though, like, WTF! It's as though he/she's never played GTA before.

Off The Boat

Welcome to Liberty City


Monday, April 28, 2008

How I fight the HEAT!

I do it by putting on a bunch of clothes and taking them off. It actually really works! I feel great now. (Sorry for the blurry pictures, my brother took them and I no longer have my Canon SD750)

Try it! And if anyone makes fun of my scrawniness I will kill! Kill!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perfect 10 Review from IGN!

Can't wait!

Click Here to watch perfect Review!


Now All I Need is a Crack ...

Photoshop CS3
I had to brighten the first and third one for the prints we're making thanks to Valerie!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lupe Interview. Pretty nice!

Click here to sign a petition to get Glow in the Dark to tour in Europe. Also, post on your blogs/facebooks/myspaces/youtubes/livejournals/etc.


Deathly Hallows Pt I Release Announced!

Snitchseeker recently posted this one their site:

The official theatrical release date for the first of two parts of the seventh and final chapter of the Harry Potter series, Deathly Hallows: Part I, has been announced: November 19, 2010.

The date for the second part of the seventh film, Deathly Hallows: Part II, has not been revealed yet, though Warner Bros. already stated that it will make its way into theatres summer 2011.

Original source

Sounds like a nice release date. First part to be set as a holiday film and the next one as a big blockbuster film. This is a good decision because of the two halves of the book and how it is set up. The first half of the book definitely more story-oriented, or in other words, a lot of talking, not much happening and not much action. The second half of the book, by contrast is very very action-packed, with the Malfoy Manor and Gringott's Robbery and of course the final battle at Hogwarts. The winter film, which will be set around other films that are much like it (more story-oriented) will suit itself more into the season while the summer film will be set around other large, action-packy films.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Say What? 2 Music Videos Before End of June?

Yup. In May, be ready for "Specters" from Red Robot! (genre: Alternative)
And in June be ready for "The Dope Dealer" from Casey Veggies! (genre: Hip Hop)
iPod Download for And He Gets The Girl

Peace! And much love!

Us Placers

I'm not sure how late I am in finding this but whatever. CRS is going to be off the chain!

Also, download for Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl iPod video is here.


Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl

Click here for the standard-quality/high quality version

Click here for high-quality/downloadable version

I have no idea why I made it a mustard sepia tone. I was doing this 3 in the morning. Give me a break.

Kudos to Whoopi, Alyssa, Daniel, Carlos, Kiyah and Sean for pimpin' the video!


Saturday, April 19, 2008


The stuff I posted in my older blog about Rupert Grint is not true. He never said anything against L.A. or Lindsay Lohan. But the article on Dan still stands.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Antoine Bandele!

Click here to see the exlusive interview I did with the LupEND blog about my up-and-coming music video: "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl"!


16 Years Old

Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sean from the LupEND blog interviewed me today about my up-and-coming music video: "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl." Look out for it tomorrow! He says he needs to edit it and then he'll post.


And this:

Tell your filmmaker friends! It should be posted up at school tomorrow.


No LA for Rupert and Smoking is Bad for Daniel

Rupert won’t Grint and bear LA

RUPERT GRINT has cooled on a move to Los Angeles because he can’t be bothered with airhead actresses.

He’s a top lad Rupe, the best actor in the Harry Potter films – and I like the cut of his jib with his latest thoughts on Tinsel Town.

He is worried about investing in a US pad like co-star DANIEL RADCLIFFE because he can’t face bumping into the likes of PARIS HILTON and LINDSAY LOHAN.

Rupert, who plays Ron Weasley in the wizard movies, said: “I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot.

“She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can’t act’.”

The young actor is pleased he is yet to cross paths with hotel heirhead Paris, adding: “I haven’t met Paris and don’t want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from.”

[Read More]


Harry Puffer and the cigs curse

The actor — just 18 — has been nicknamed Harry Puffer on the set of the new Hogwarts movie after rushing to light up whenever the director yells “Cut”.

He is now getting through a pack a day — and pals are worried for his elf.

Among those who have voiced concern is RUPERT GRINT, who plays fellow trainee wizard Ron Weasley — or should that be WHEEZILY.

A source confirmed last night: “Daniel has recently been smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day.

“Every time they call ‘Cut’, he lights up. It’s disgusting.

“Friends and co-stars including Rupert Grint have been warning him about the dangers of smoking. But he doesn’t take any notice.”

Producers fear the actor’s habit could ruin his schoolboy image — and have now warned him not to be seen puffing in public.

But that has not stopped Radcliffe from smoking “like a trooper”.

[Read More]

You know, I really do like Rupert Grint. I think he was underplayed a whole lot ever since Prisoner of Azkaban. To me, he is hands-down the best actors of the trio. Go see his independent film he starred in called "Driving Lessons." Daniel is good and everything but he has all his popularity because of being Harry Potter, of course. Emma Watson is fine and all that but she plays Hermione the same way in almost every scene and her eyebrows dance whenever she speaks. I'm also really sad to hear that Daniel is smoking so frequently. What an idiot, I lost so much respect for him and so much more for Rupert! Go Rupert!

I thought it was really funny what Rupert said about Lindsay. Man I would love to meet that guy he seems like a chill, down-to-earth fellow. Much love Rupert!


Monday, April 14, 2008

When the day comes he will be missed ...

"Fairly new on the national scene, rapper Lupe Fiasco recently told MTV that he's pretty sure his next album would be his last full-length solo project.

"I don't want to say I'm 100 percent sure, like, 'Yeah, this is it.' But 85 percent," he revealed. "That 15 percent is the X factor. That could be bills. Like, 'Lupe, you got to pay the bills.' 'Oh, man, I got to put out another album.' "

Fiasco says it's not the making of music or the performing, but the business of releasing it as a product that's got him weary.
"There's all types and parts of the music business," he said. "There's the studio, record-store music business, and then there's the performing music business. I love the performing, I could perform forever. I'll be on stage until I'm 90 doing 'Kick, Push' and all that stuff if I can. But it's the whole process of it that wears you down. I actually got sick right before the Grammys. Never got a chance to go to the Grammys. I was running so hard doing music, and then when I got to the pivotal moment where you get the accolades for it, I found myself in the hospital and the doctor telling me I can't even go."

"I'm going to go away with a bang," he added. "I don't want to give too much away, because it's later. We're still just into The Cool project and still got more stuff to come out of this, but I am thinking on it. I'm already building it out, starting now, because it's massive... I'm 85 percent sure that my next album, LUPN, will be the end-all."

Lupe has also been tied to a possible super group called Child Rebel Soldiers, or CRS, which would consist of himself, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

"We don't know if there's going to be an album from CRS, what CRS are going to be," he said. "All we know is we're going to debut a piece of CRS on the Kanye tour. You have to come see it."

via Bossip.com and LIVESTEEZ.com

Must we CONSTANTLY be reminded of this? Everyone be sure to support Lupe by purchasing your copy of THE COOL if you haven't done so already AND by going out to see his sure to be banging show on the GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR!

Resource: Lupe Fiasco's Fan Blog


Back to CSI and a Lupe Plug!

With all the excitement from yesterday, oh with the updated on "The List" which is being well-received by the students over at Hamilton Senior High, the announcement of my new music video: "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl," as well as the promotional photos for said event, Whoopi vs. SilentBat II Debut Tickets, Grapes of Wrath Opening Titles, Mita Productions 2008 opening titles, Bleyer Productions 2008 opening titles, Anus Kings on DeBunk Punk, Paris, Toyko music video and finishing the outline for the "Specters" music video as well as my Inner City Filmmakers Application, I failed to mention the exciting news my video teacher called me about!

If you guys will remember, I took a field trip to see the folks over at CSI shoot an episode with five other students. My teacher called me yesterday and told me that they'd like A.J. Bleyer and me to come back! The one who referred us most was the apprentice editor there whom seemed very enthusiastic about our excitement! I'm not exactly sure what they want with us when we get there or what will be doing but I (I was too excited and didn't listen to details when my teacher told me) but I assume it has something to do with editing. I really hope they teach us the basics of Avid! I would love to already know how to edit with it before I go to Inner City Filmmakers!


In other news! I've got a plug on the Lup-End blog! The blog looks legit and I think it gets a lot of hits. In any case this makes me very excited and a bit more nervous because now I'll have to really push out 110% of my best stuff. I'm done with the core editing of the video now it's just a matter of putting on titles and color correcting. I have a good grasp on what's going to happen with the titles but I've never color corrected before. In any case, it's looking pretty good. Whoopi really likes it so far and that's more than enough for me! Thank you Sean from the Lup-End blog for the plug! Greatly appreciated!


Grapes of Wrath Opening Titles

I've been updating like crazy huh?


Promotional Pictures for And He Gets The Girl

Personally I think they look really good together.

Thank you Whoopi, for letting me use your camera when everyone else annoys you about it.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Anus Kings on DeBunk Punk!

My friends's band, once called Giraffe Treats, now called Anus Kings, was featured on the first episode of DeBunk Punk! Pretty exciting stuff.


The List

Finally! This was such a drag to export and compress.

Part 1

Part 2

UPDATE: After uploading this people and linking a few people, I went to bed and crashed.


Paris, Tokyo! That was quick!

I didn't hear ANYTHING about the video coming out today. But here it is below.

'Twas a cute video. Indiana Jones much? Haha! This is definitely a top 5 favorite of mine.


The Ticket of all Tickets!

So, sign-ups start today, I suppose. I'll make a FaceBook event right now. Below is a picture of the ticket. It's not an official ticket, I want to put the schedule of the screening on it be we have not gotten all the films that need to be submitted before March 3. People in the film are already on the list to attend the screening, but for anyone else, it's first-come-first serve.

If you are interested in coming e-mail justme01109@yahoo.com with the subject line: "WvS II Debut." Within 24 hours our your e-mail you'll get a reply stating whether you are on the list or not along with a code number which will adhere to your ticket only.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl Coming Soon

Everything is shot and captured and I've got a full rough cut of it! Now all I need to do is go back and tweak it, color grade it and put in the few special effects in it. All and all I'm proud of what I got but there are parts in the video where I'm like, "Argh! Why did I do that!"


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CSI: Las Vegas Field Trip

Today I had a field trip to Universal Studios (the actual studios, not the amusement park) and we spent a day with a CSI actor and he showed us the ropes from the sound stages to the post-production building.

Some fun facts about CSI: Las Vegas and filmmaking in general at Universal Studios.

˙Stage 24 is where the offices in CSI are held and are permanent.

˙Stage 25 holds more permanent sets for CSI.

˙Stage 22 is where all the "extra" sets are held. The sets that come in and out of episodes.

˙Stage 23 is used only for construction. While we were there they were building a house, a basement for the house, a sitcom studio and a hotel.

˙They reuse the sets the make as much as possible and they tear them down immediately after every shoot unless the set needs to be used in a future episode.

˙They use Panavision 35mm film. We saw them shooting a scene in the offices with two cameras. One for a master shot and the other for a CU on the speaking character.

˙They used on key light and a back light for the office shoot.

˙200 people are on crew. The show is in pre-production, in-production and in post-production at the same time. Usually they do three episodes at time so while episode 813 is being finished up in-production, 814 is being finished in post-production and 815 is being written in pre-production.

˙They choose whether to shoot on location or on stage by whichever is more inexpensive.

˙They spend 7 days in pre-production, 9 days in production and 3-4 weeks for post-production which is completed the Tuesday before it airs for its Thursday episode.

˙The writers come for six weeks before the actors to rough out how the whole season will play out and then write three episodes at a time and I believe they try to keep a three episode gap from pre-production to in production.

˙They edit on Avid on Dual Processing PowerPC Mac G4s running through OSIX. Their reasons for not upgrading to OSX Panther or Tiger or OSX Leopard was because of all the bugs they said they have that have yet to be fleshed out, especially on Leopard. The second editor we spoke to (the guy next in line as being the head editor) told us they could upgrade to OSX if they wanted but it was simpler to stay with OSIX which had long since been worked out thoroughly.

˙The second editor also told us that Final Cut Pro was coming up in the industry because it was a lot more inexpensive and handled digital video a tad better than Avid. But, like the apprentice editor we spoke to, he preferred Avid.

˙The editors all had the same set up. Dual Widescreen Dell Monitors with a big screen preview television set.

˙Editors had a 10-14 hour day and are contracted for 50 hour weeks.

˙The actors bring in their own photos if they have to have a picture of their character as a younger person.

˙Inserts are shot separately.

˙They dedicate two days to ADR when needed.

˙For special effects some of the programs they sue are After Effects, Inferno, Maya, Photoshop, etc.

˙In film, director's make the final cut of the film that goes up in theaters but in television, the executive producers have the final say of what goes into the show before it airs.

˙We spoke to the writers and they say the first start with brainstorming with an actually crime scene investigator in the room to keep them grounded and true whenever they needed to be.