Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bleyer Productions

So I've been keeping this documentary I've been helping my friend work on that covers the events of the "Hamilton Shit List" that took place two weeks ago before Spring Break under wraps. AJ, the other filmmaker whom I'm working with, has got it all edited and I'm going to add some fancy smancy titles to it with some cool credits (or at least I hope I make them cool!)

So, after I watched his first edit (which was extremely well done) I asked him if he had an intro video. I told him I had one with monkies flying through the air (it only appeared in one of my films called "Puzzle Search" and maybe one other place I can't think of). But in any case, he said "no" and that all he ever used was a plain black background with white text over. So I'm like "I'll hook you up with an opening title animation" and he was excited and said thank you and that's what I've been working on since I got home (but I NEED to stop because I have to start studying for a Government Exam tomorrow). Below are pictures of some of the process and then below them is a short video preview of his credits which still need a few more touch ups :)

I started by tracking his left eye so I could place the letters that spelled "eye" would seem like they were inside his eye. It's a very subtle effect but it's there.

Then I put some shadow in it.

Then I wrote in the whole name.

OH by they way. In P.E. today my friend got his clothes peed on through his locker (pictures later) and I ran a 7:19 mile!



A.J. Bleyer said...

Antione... You're just flat out incredible!

And thank you for the4 compliments..


yhanni said...

through the locker? i dont get it.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Oh man I still have to post it.