Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Horrible Dream

Okay, so I took a nap, which was hindered by a phone call from my mom trying to convince me to go to prom again and a phone call from Brook's Institute (which I recently was accepted to) asking if I could check info on my FAFSA that they didn't get but was really freaky was the dream I manage to squeeze in between all of that.

First off, I think I was playing GTA: San Andreas but usually when I dream about playing a game I somehow end up actually being in the game. So at one point I had a whole lot of cops on me, I think it was four stars, so that's the helicopter and FBI. And at one point I feel into a lake and I think the helicopter feel in with me (occasionally you'll get glitches in the game like this where the CPU will follow you into stupid places). But I don't know how it happened but the helicopter ended up in my mouth and was cutting up its insides. I tried to shove it out but I realized that it would be difficult to get out, I mean, it was a helicopter. But something in me was just like "do it! just get it out of you mouth!" and so I shoved it out and it just made it worse. It was chopping the back of my teeth and once it was out my teeth were vibrating and were on fire and they feel out like rain drops. I mean, I didn't realize I had that many teeth in my mouth. It was horrible. And what made it all the more eerie was that there was no blood. All I could taste was a burnt feeling in my mouth and it just wasn't fun at all.

Also, I think I lost my SD750 for sure.


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