Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Week

Okay, so you know I said I would take post pictures of my entire week once I found my thumb-drive ... Well, I think I have a bigger brother than just my missing thumb-drive. I may be missing my whole camera! The last time I remember having it was when I left Mae's house after her birthday party. Or did I? I left it around her house often and I had to catch myself before leaving it in places I would never retrieved it from again. So I could have left it there. But for some reason my mind is telling me that I brought it home with me and threw it on my bed and it ould have feel off into the mess that is my room but I looked around my room for places it most likely is and I can't find it anywhere. Tomorrow is Tuesday and since the next day I have no school because I have a field trip I'll do a more thorough search, and hopefully I'll find it. I've ruled out that I left it at Mae's because the people there were nice and she would have told me if I had left it and I do remember taking it with me. Usually I break my camera and can get a new one but I've never lost one before and there is no way of getting it back now that I have no camera to give to Canon so they can give me another :(

Looks like I'll be doing some major cleaning tomorrow.


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