Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTA IV - Opening Movie & First Mission

Won't be able to play until next weekend :(

The opening titles were great. Most new films are doing them like that, where they are interacting with the landscape around them.

Already I can tell this game has a great storyline. "What you forget our language?" I think that's really powerful knowing the premise of this game being based off the "American Dream". And in the car scene if you listen closely Roman, Niko's (the main character) brother says, "There are some good women here" and Niko says, "We have good women in our country too." It really seems like Roman like a lot of other foreigners are losing touch with their native country like with people in real life. Also, this game's story really does feel more authentic. The people seem a lot more real. And also (I've watched other videos) Niko seems to be the nicest GTA Protagonist I've seen yet. It's fantastic! Sure, he's still a murderer, a theft and an all around criminal, but still. Cannot wait to get this game and blaze through it, the storyline and its character's seem so engaging.

The player in the video is horrible though, like, WTF! It's as though he/she's never played GTA before.

Off The Boat

Welcome to Liberty City


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