Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to CSI and a Lupe Plug!

With all the excitement from yesterday, oh with the updated on "The List" which is being well-received by the students over at Hamilton Senior High, the announcement of my new music video: "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl," as well as the promotional photos for said event, Whoopi vs. SilentBat II Debut Tickets, Grapes of Wrath Opening Titles, Mita Productions 2008 opening titles, Bleyer Productions 2008 opening titles, Anus Kings on DeBunk Punk, Paris, Toyko music video and finishing the outline for the "Specters" music video as well as my Inner City Filmmakers Application, I failed to mention the exciting news my video teacher called me about!

If you guys will remember, I took a field trip to see the folks over at CSI shoot an episode with five other students. My teacher called me yesterday and told me that they'd like A.J. Bleyer and me to come back! The one who referred us most was the apprentice editor there whom seemed very enthusiastic about our excitement! I'm not exactly sure what they want with us when we get there or what will be doing but I (I was too excited and didn't listen to details when my teacher told me) but I assume it has something to do with editing. I really hope they teach us the basics of Avid! I would love to already know how to edit with it before I go to Inner City Filmmakers!


In other news! I've got a plug on the Lup-End blog! The blog looks legit and I think it gets a lot of hits. In any case this makes me very excited and a bit more nervous because now I'll have to really push out 110% of my best stuff. I'm done with the core editing of the video now it's just a matter of putting on titles and color correcting. I have a good grasp on what's going to happen with the titles but I've never color corrected before. In any case, it's looking pretty good. Whoopi really likes it so far and that's more than enough for me! Thank you Sean from the Lup-End blog for the plug! Greatly appreciated!


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