Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Doctor's Leave, Nine Days Down (Absent)

My room is a mess again! I should clean it right now actually but I can't because I just woke up and I have to go to the doctor. I was planning to wake up earlier but this girl I just met was talking to me all night and all. Explanation? Elaboration? Alright.

As you can see from the evidence to the left, this particular girl, Lillian's her name, would like to deny she kept me till past two o'clock in the morning (see time stamps). An hour later from this evidence we decided to finally go to bed after what we found out to be around 8 hours of talking to each other (I know, OMG, WTF).

We were talking about some of the most random things, I swear. The excerpt of evidence you see to the left is when we were writing rhymes back and forth to each other on AIM because we were talking about Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, 50 Cent and Hip Hop in general really. We had to have been doing that for at least forty-five minutes. I tried my hardest to ask her to be less interesting so I could get some sleep for my doctor's appointment the next day but she was like this and that and I was all like damn that's interesting well how about this and that and she was like damn that's interesting and we were both like damn we're interesting and we just kept on talking. At 3 Am we finally decided to get some sleep but it took us forever to do so because we were trying to sign off at the same time (I know, sounds like that "you hang up stuff first" stuff).

Yeah, pretty girl, looks innocent and sweet and all that baloney but really she is an evil sleep-deprivationist! I was planning on waking up and making smoothies for the family but no! I was too tired because I was up talking to the sleep-deprivationist and don't let her tell you otherwise cause I've got evidence!

Nah, in all seriousness she really is a pretty and sweet gal on the inside and out. At first, like I do with most new people, I thought I would talk to her a bunch just for a night and then after that I would just say 'hi' to her occasionally on AIM but she really does hold a conversation well. A really good friend and an amazing person to talk to. Good listeners are hard to come by, even if she cares nothing for my sleep.

So I woke up and got ready in like ten minutes (five for shower, five for dress).

We went to Kaiser Permanente for my annual (or is it biannual) physical. We sat in the waiting room and and I filled out some questions (see below).

I finished really quickly so I looked around and saw this interesting painting with this kid with an afro and a gray beard. At first I thought he made a milk mustache but this looks like something else.

Below my brother waits in his own way.

And we finally got examined.

Then we had to do the whole doctor touches you in private places thing to make sure your body is operating alright.

Then we got shots and blood taken out and we all know what that orange-capped bottle is for.

After the appointment our mother took us for a second part to our school clothes shopping. Yes, I am back to Ross, the second time in four days (see my Saturday blog for my last visit).

I got this.

and this (among other things but they don't fit me like I like them to until they shrink after wash)

Then we headed over to South Bay Galleria and we passed by Kenneth Hahn where we, Whoopi and I, will be filming the second scene for Whoopi vs SilentBat II (in the film it actually is the second scene, ironically).

First we went to the vans shop where I got my first ever laced vans and some more black slip-ons.

And then we ate.

And I noticed a rip off of dip-in-dots.

Then I got a hair cut with my brother.

And I had to read a bunch of pages in my English book for the beginnings of the Anglo-Saxons and then I read an excerpt from Beowulf.

Can't wait for this next Monday. My friends and I are having a little party for the first episode of the season.


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Lillian said...

You already know how I feel about this post that was partially about me, cuz we chated on aim lol.
Its two sided, Im sleep deprived too...cuz of you. but its ok...its worth it :) but HEY! the lines like Q would totally look hot

Wu said...

First to be talked about in your blog, that you know personally. I feel special :) even if you call me names LOL

v-dog said...

hahaha i loved the questions on the survey lol