Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School, One Day Down

So I woke up around 5:30 A.M. this morning to the sound of my annoying alarm clock, which will continuously beep loudly until it turn it off (and it can go as long as it is plugged in). But right after I turned my alarm clock off I went straight back to bed until my grandma burst into my room and was telling me it was school time. So I got up and flipped my laptop open to check up on a few things. I saw that Whoopi was on so we had a short little conversation (see below).

Before going to the shower I decided to check the weather on yahoo and they were straight out lying (or misinformed) because it was something around 85* at least.

So I shuffled myself over to my bathroom (see below) and I was very tired. I hadn't woke up for anything so early since the UCLA program I did called VIP Scholars.

I got dressed (see last entry) and headed out with my little brother to go down to the bus stop as a senior for the first time. There were a lot of new freshmen who were riding this school bus this year. I would say we have the second most popular stop. Everyone from last year said our greetings and talked about the summer and then we could see our bus coming over the hill, hoping to see our last year bus driver but instead, to our dismay, we had a new bus driver who was anything but cool. He didn't allow iPods on his bus! What is that all about!?

After a long bus ride we were back at good old Alexander Hamilton High School (see above). First thing I did was go to the bulletin boards they had up, listing who was in what homeroom. I was in good old B-3 with my Economics teacher. But the funny thing that happened while I was looking for a name was a blur of green going over my head. I look down to my chest and I've realized . . .

"You've just been lei'd," said another senior student I knew. She smiled and I thanked her and she walked away and for the whole day I wore a green lei (see below), which I noticed a lot of other people had on (must have been a school spirit thing).

First, I went to see my favorite teacher, Ms. I (video production teacher), to say 'hello' and 'what's up' and she immediately asks me if I'm taking her class and I sigh and say I'm supposed to take her class but my counselor was always incapable of getting it right. We start to talk some more but she runs off to do teacher business and I assure her that I would see her later.

Then, I go over to my usual hangout spot and say hello to all the buddies and we talked about summer and how none of us got the right schedules over the summer holiday and how none of us had technical theater. I was just hoping my schedule wasn't completely screwed up because during the summer I had gotten my "pre-schedule" which listed all the classes I should have during the school year and lo and behold I only had three class (AP English Literature, Tennis, H Math Analysis)! I was just hoping that I would have a full schedule but my counselor was trademarked for always screwing it up, in spite of working with my schedules for three years previous with multiple class request forms.

The bell rings and someone makes a joke about the unfamiliar sound and what we are supposed to do when that sound rings. We all laugh and grab our things to run off to our separate homerooms. I had a little trouble with finding B-3 because it was on the same bungalow structure as B-4 so I made a fool of myself in front of a few sophomores after their teacher ridiculed me about my sign-reading abilities. So I guided my feet to B-3 where I was the first person to arrive. My first impression of my economics teacher weren't super great. She seemed to be easily irritated and not much on jokes and laughter. I got some vocabulary from her and we've got an exam next week. She pretty much did everything concerning her class first before handing out our schedules. But when I got mine I was very unpleased for more reasons than just it being incomplete (see below). (1) And most obviously, it was incomplete and (2) I had O'Brian for Honors Level Math Analysis and she is the toughest teacher in the subject so I wasn't really feeling my schedule.

Third period brought on a very strange teacher indeed. Apparently my tennis teacher was a woman and she had maternity leave but would be back in December. In her place, was Mr. Lott, my old long-term substitute teacher at my middle school. Mr. Lott, who had been bald when I last saw him, now has a thick of cheesy hair. Throughout class he was discussing the three aspects of the class we would be going over, which were flexibility, cardiovascular and something else I can't remember. But none of what he was talking about had anything to do with tennis. He was talking about eating right and how the body works and all that jazz, which was cool and all and really informative, but he never mentioned a single thing about tennis. In fact, the one time he mentioned tennis was when he asked if we were a tennis track and all. He also was extremely animated, over-the-top, and over exaggerated and just a very annoying and strange person. He was extremely boring to listen to so I remember trailing off in my train of thought and pondered about me being a senior and how I didn't feel right in my position as one because I was so used to looking up to another group of students that were no longer there anymore.

Fourth period had to be the best I'd say. I think it was really nice how I turned out to have the same English teacher I did from ninth grade because she was the teacher who introduced me into my high school English career and she'll be the last one to see to the end of it. Also, it was cool to see a lot of the same students who were in her class in ninth grade who were there again (some sitting in their same seats, as I was). It was really overcrowded though, especially for an AP class. But I loved it all the same, it was all good fun. It was really funny watching my teacher try and convince all the 'extra' students to leaver her class because it was oh so difficult and oh so different from other English Literature classes because she does a majority of 17th Century poetry.

The next half of my day was ultra fun because I didn't have any official classes to go to because there were none on my schedule. Since I had no where to go I went to my counselor where there was a huge line waiting for him. He was taking so long with each student, at least ten minutes or more a piece on average but when I got up there it only took me a solid two minutes. After I was done, I was applauded by the long line because they were proud of how fast I got my schedule change done. I felt very special. Now my schedule is as it should be (see below for changes). I have yearbook staff, animation/video with Ms. I, and Adv. Theater Tech! What's more, because I had to take yearbook staff second period I was able to drop Ms. O'Brian and take a much more simple teacher.

During my new Math Analysis period I was able to get all my schedule changes finalized with my other teachers because my new Math teacher let me go to clear them all up and it was very interesting. I went all over looking for my old Math teacher, Ms. O'Brian, to inform her and get her approval of my dropping her class. What was so interesting is that I saw my old Math Analysis teacher from last year who gave me Ds both semesters as he was on his way up to see her. I say hello to him and he asks me what I was doing seeing Ms. O'Brian and I told him and he laughed and said that I was taking the easy-route with Ms. Hurst but then went back on his word because he doesn't like speaking out against other teaching staff and all.

I finished the day out with technical theater which I found boring because we sat around while our instructor told the new students what the class was like.

Got on the bus, and went home.

Just checked out American Graffiti at the library. It's George Lucas' first mainstream, Hollywood film and it's alright but the editing and cinematography is really uninteresting.


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