Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beowulf & Travis Boles, Ten Days Down

This morning Travis Boles, director of Three in the Afternoon and Six in the Morning, posted a video up on his YouTube in response to another video, answering questions about the delay of Six in the Morning. I can still remember last year when I went to his site and they had a new opening page saying that Six in the Morning would be out in NOVEMBER. Well, I waited all through November and there was no Six in the Morning. Actually, for the rest of the year there was very little mention of it on the site. I admit, I let it subside to the back of my head and I didn't care much for it and wasn't excited for it any longer until RVD2 was coming out.

On their site (Ryan and Dorkman's) there was this poster about how they were going to debut it around where I live here in Los Angeles so I decided to go and lo and behold there was a sweet sneak preview of Six in the Morning and once again I was ultra excited about it because it was ten times funnier than the first and the effects and the quality of the film (and acting) were upgraded so much from the last film I thought I would go on myself. The only thing (and I mean the only thing) that was more entertaining then its mere preview was Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 because that blew me away but I definitely think I may enjoy Six in the Morning (if its anymore like its preview) much more just on cheer comedy and awesomeness. But . . . there was sadly nothing else on the film until two weeks later when Travis posted this bit from outside the Ryan vs Dorkman 2 premiere and said that it would be coming really soon. A little while later . . . well you can see the whole story play out below, so check it out and believe in Six in the Morning. Believe me when I say its worth the wait (and that's just my opinion off the mere three minute sneak peak they had).

This is the original video:

This is his response:

I actually tried to make a video and send it to him but I couldn't import into my computer properly because Whoopi is borrowing my firewire and I needed it to upload into Adobe Premiere to give him the sort of file he wanted. So I tried with my USB and it came out fine in MovieMaker but MM files don't work with Adobe Premiere so I could only send him WMV files when he wanter MOV (preferably next to MPEG4 or something I'd never used before), so that was sad (tear). I will post the video I made for him on my next videoblog I suppose.

But then Whoopi and I decided to put responses up anyway on YouTube. I followed directions from Travis and made a short 5 second (well, 6 second) video and Whoopi made this 42 second video with video and a cool transition wipe at the end! Arghflagems (word I made up) to Whoopi.

My vid:

Whoopi's vid:

This is a bit from Beowulf which is this story about this guy who kills monsters and dragons and stuff but at the one moment when his he was fallen and his men had finally gained their chance to protect them, they fled and left him for dead, save one.

Also I got this iron-on placement thingy in my Playstation Magazine (which I don't read anymore) so I made a shirt. Of course, I had to pick out the t-shirt with the two yellow/orange spots on them.



Lily-Ann said...

I love iron ons. we should have an iron on party. and hahhahaha your pic made me LOL

v-dog said...

ahhh mannn you have a canon SD something something =[[[[[

i miss mine

*_*Antoine*_* said...

750 to help you finish it off