Saturday, September 22, 2007


When I woke up my brother was playing Resident Evil 4 on PS2 so I watched him for a while, shouting off orders and the like. It made me want to play but I'm so terrified of horror games like that.

I like the time after the rain because the skies clear and the wind feels nice and the air smells fresh.

We were going to go out to my auntie's house to go eat at Houston's and on the way we saw this wreck. They guy who was in the car was okay. We saw him on the side of the road talking to policemen paramedics with bandages around his head.

Before going to Houston's we went to this small house party.

My brother was first to dig into the food.

We had to wait for a table for about an hour so my brother and I went to Longs Drugs just to look around but I found some stuff I needed while there.

Needed some for a while.

I got myself a fresh fish sandwich (you'll notice that I eat a lot of seafood).

Yum. Yes I put fries on my burgers. Everyone else should do the same.


I know, I'm making you so hungry aren't I? Houston's is a highly recommended restaurant. I give it top marks

For dessert was a five nut brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. It went around the table and by the time it came back to me there was no more brownie left, just a bit of nuts.

No, I did not stop my analysis of Food & Liquor. I just have not had a completely free night to do another one but when that time comes I will post another one up until I'm done with it all.


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LiL said...

next time...we should go to Houstons...looking at the pics made me hungry!

and i can SO see you shouting out orders