Friday, September 7, 2007

Start of the Yearbook, Three Days Down

I woke up a little late today, which was the reason for the shaking camera. You may notice that there is now a printer in my room in the bottom right corner of the above picture. That'll help a bunch.

With said printer I was able to scan this sketch I did last night. This is Antwone Thomas as he is being sorted into Ravenclaw (I may have a colored version later this week).

I actually would approve of YahooWeather today. It was pretty accurate.

I was set to make the badges for the yearbook staff and this is the final product that we all could agree on (see above). The green graphic was made by my friend Ben (see below to the dude with the shirt that say 'geek inside'). I also had a little help with positioning the pictures from the girl seen on the right (above). Yearbook is looking pretty good so far. We'll be starting on making templates and the styles of the yearbook pages when we meet again on Tuesday of next week.

Just hanging out at lunch time with some (but not all) of my buddies (see above). During lunch I was able to find a composer who could do the score for Whoopi vs SilentBat II. I haven't completely "signed" him but I asked to hear a few of his things so I'm still waiting on finalizing that. (Speaking of scores see below for the original song for Whoopi vs SilentBat I below).

In technical theater today the veterans had to pick a young partner. My first choices were Abrida (third from the right), Martha (first from the right), Karen (fourth from the right and) Sara (second from the left) in that order. Abrida was gone in the first round. Martha stayed on but Karen was gone by the third or fourth round. When I was queued up to go next my friend Zach (see pictures from above of guy with the red shirt) turns to me and say "I want Martha" right when I was thinking I would pick her next. I tell him I want Martha but he insist that I take Sara but I asked him to take her but I felt bad about even considering that and I choose Sara by the end of it all but I let it be known to Martha that I wanted her. She was a good candidate because she said she would pretty much do anything and that was the position I was in. Abrida shared the same sentiment and that's why I wanted to pick her. I wanted Karen solely because I knew her sister from before; Sara, because she was my friend. But it all turned out okay because right after we choose our partners we had a scavenger hunt:

1. Find XLR cable
2. Find orchestra lamp
3. Find a full piece of gel
4. Find some thingamajib that hold gels in place
5. Find prop table from outside with round top and square bottom.

First three groups to come back would earn a prize next class session.

So JP (see above) explained this all to us and Sara immediately dashed for the orchestra lamps because she knew where they were. I, on the other hand, rushed up to the spotlight booth to get the gels and the gel holding thingamajib and ran backed down to Sara where I told her I knew where the next two items were. So I grab the table and find the XRL cables and come back. WE MADE IT IN THIRD! Then the biggest douche in the world, Coby, looks at my gel and whines to JP and says that it is technically a full gel because there was a cut on it on the edge. I have to run back up to the spotlight booth and and bring a full piece of gel back but another group already had their list completed. I will get back at Coby. Mark my words.

When I got home I zoomed to my computer and queued up for the Quidditch match I had! That's right! I'm a Quidditch player and I know how to fly a broomstick! Well, I can't exactly fly but its pretty close (see above). See, how it works is that we are given a series of questions to answer and depending on how we answer we either catch the snitch, miss a shot, make a shot, knock a player of a broomstick with a bludger or miss knocking off a player entirely. It's good fun and it was the first session today and it ended with us, Ravenclaw, in the lead with 30 points to 10 with one snitch grab each (three snitch grabs results in one-hundred fifty points awarded to that team and determines the end of the game and usually the winning team). It's good fun.

After the match the composer for our first Whoopi vs SilentBat score called "Culmination" sent me the sheet music for the song so that I could give it to my school's orchestra teacher so he could sample the sort of music we are planning to have in the second flick. See, last year I asked him if his orchestra would mind recording the score for the second Whoopi vs SilentBat and he said yes but I had to give him something before he could completely promise anything. So now I have this 11 page score to give to him and see what he can do with it and hopefully he will be on board for Whoopi vs SilentBat II. And I have no idea what any of those symbols mean.

Whoopi and I have agreed to film the next teaser tomorrow so that should be out in the next few days. Should be lots of fun and I'll be sure to take pictures and all.

Peace. Videoblog will be soon!

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