Monday, October 1, 2007

And the Selling Begins, Eighteen Days Down

Come Friday this machine (not this exact machine) will be mine!

But I still need those donations! Today! The biddings officially start. Below are a series of pictures of the things I'm selling with their price tags.

(PSP) Playstation Portable - Sold to Candace for $75.

Katana & Tanto - $35 together ($20 for Katana, $15 for Tanto)
Bidders: Amber

XBOX Games - $25 ($5 dollars separate)
Bidders: None

(PS2) Playstation 2 Games - $15 together ($5 each)
Bidders: None

(PSone) Playstation (with Spider-Man): $50 dollars ($1-5 dollars on separate games)
Bidders: None

Sega Genesis (with Sonic 2) - $50 dollars ($1-5 dollars on separate games)
Bidders: None

Gameboy Advance SP (with games): $20 ($5 dollars extra for Pokemon Crystal)
Bidders: None

Windows 95 Packard Bell computer
Specs: 32 MB of RAM
: $30
Bidders: None

Heroes was a much better episode tonight 10/10.

I think I understand now why it's been taking me so long to do the next Lupe Fiasco critique. It's because "Just Might Be Okay" is really hard to decipher. So I'm going to put that on the back burner and try and do "Kick, Push" tomorrow.