Saturday, October 20, 2007

All Day Tech Rehearsal

I seriously don't understand how my room gets like this in a day.

Today I had an all day Tech rehearsal for the Fall Drama at my school You Can't Take It With You (the same show I'm doing the opening titles for) and I guess my grandmother thought we were late because she was running to the car. It was either we actually were late and I was just oblivious or she just really wanted to get to her car.

The set looks brilliant already!

I was really bored most of the day because there are barely any set changes and the microphones weren't there yet.

I snuck out from behind back stage at one point to watch the show. It looked funny enough.

I think a drank a fair few of those Brisk Iced Teas.

There was a live snake on stage.

We had pizza for lunch so I took some home.

I got home and I was watching some of Kanye's music videos on YouTube. When I got to watching "The Good Life" I noticed his hair cut again and I remembered that I myself needed a haircut soon (see below). I've been wanting to do my hair like that since before I got dreadlocks (see below for that picture too) when Love & Basketball came out. So the next time I get my haircut, which should be in the next week, I'll be getting a similar hair cut to Kanye and/or Quincy from Love & Basketball. The question is ... should I have three lines or two?

This would be the most "intense" haircut I've had since I cut my locks. Ever since I cut them my hair has been short, simple and clean.

So at one point while I was looking for a screenshot from Love & Basketball I found a full version of it on YouTube and I was like, "Hmmm ... I should watch that movie!" Then I remembered that it was one of Lillian's favorites too so I proposed that we watch it simultaneously.

Me loading up my DVD player on my PS2

Her loading up on her DAEWOO DVD player

Me showing off my DVD

Her showing off her DVD

My weapon of choice: The PS2

Her weapon of choice: Her DVD PLAYER

Me inserting

Her inserting

Me at the standby

Her almost at the standby

I should have used Flash in this case

So my picture would have come out similar to this



Uh ... oh (read below)



frolick with the dust bunnies said...

yay for lilly-ann-twone not in person but yet at the same time movie night! lol. It was fun :]

*_*Antoine*_* said...

twas fun!

rawr said...

I enjoyed it throughly almost as much as I enjoyed the fact that you fell asleep on me on the phone!

and hey, 5-2=3
I vote for three lines! :]

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