Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Converted, Twenty-Nine Days Down

I took pictures for yearbook today. Below is the picture for Animation class.

Digital Imaging

All of the pictures were for the visual arts section. I have a concept for the division page for for the Visual Arts section below.

Today at lunch I was told to go up to Bruning's room for a club that I had no idea was and I found out it was Electronic Music/Art of Music Club. It was cool. I'll become a member. What's funny about it is I went to this club on a whim and I'm going to stay like I did with Asian club.

While in the club I showed Elvis this:

It was finally had a full rough cut and he enjoyed it.

What also happened within the club is that this girl named Caitlin announced that she had created a facebook group for the club and I was asking if there was a myspace group and she pretty much told me nay. I had been hearing about facebook a lot and had been really against getting one because it would be the same as when I transfer from livejournal to myspace and if I went to facebook I would just be waiting for the next popular site to come around and switch over to there. Plus, I just didn't want to follow the grain because everyone else was going onto facebook. I pretty much had the same mentality when I had livejournal. Everyone was getting myspace and I didn't want to because livejournal was there!

But today I gave facebook a look and I am converted.

Facebook makes myspace look like trash. Compared to facebook, myspace is very disorganized and networking is very difficult on it. Before myspace went to the dogs, networking is what they were about. Now it seems it's a contest to see who has more friends than the other and advertisements. When I was on facebook it was so easy to find friends and add them (see below). I think the main reasoning for this is that people had to use their first and last names while with myspace people have the craziest names that impossible to identify them by. Soon, I see a future for me not to have a myspace at all. Ashten "Whoopi" appears to have two facebooks.

Later today I worked on a possible division page for the yearbook.


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hilary said...

did you take the the people from the inners-park web page for the visual arts page ?.. or did you guys just both use the same clip art?