Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The YearBook Race, Twenty-Four Days Down

Today's match-up will be between Lillian and Ben from the 2006 Yearbook. Today in yearbook when I had nothing to do because I kicked butt with two more page layouts I went over to look at old yearbooks and lo and behold there was my friend Ben with his named spelled completely wrong in the caption. Actually, I was going to post the single picture of him in my blog yesterday and point out the mistake but I didn't make the blog on time yesterday and and today I found another picture of Lillian in the yearbook and I was like "that's a familiar face. Now where do I know it from -- Lillian!" So just out of boredom I went to the index of the yearbook to see who had more pictures. Who rocked the yearbook out more: Lillian or Ben? The battle begins ...

Here is the first picture I found of Ben with his named all jacked up (his last name is NOT Higgins). For one, this is just an amazingly awesome picture and two, it was funny to see the misspelling.

Then I found this picture of Lillian and I was like ... OMGosh! Wu to the rescue!!

So the battle was tied 1-1

Ben in Men's Ensemble

Lillian in Asian Club. I'm still trying to figure out what "Wo men ai ni" means.

Battle still tied at 2-2

Ben playin' his violin.

Lillian on her b-ball team.

Battle is still a tie!

Ben in Sci-Fi Club! Oh and there's me! Mr. President!

Lillian's senior picture ... but wait a minute! Unless she bought herself a senior page or Ben doesn't have anymore pictures she's lost!




Oh no! It seems that Lillian has been defeated! The battle goes to ...

BEN! Congratulations to Big Ben! Woot! Sorry Lillian! Here is your parting gift (a sack of fire alarms).



Lillian said...

You are SUCH a dork for this, but cute the cutie. I knew these pictures would come back and find me

Ben is a worthy opponent
but for my defense, a lot of his winning pictures are for clubs, and me being a senior at the time had senior duties and wouldnt have had that much time for clubs.

If you have Humanities Magnet friends, ask them about the Senior project we had to do...you'll get it

i rest my case.
but in other words. thanks for the blog insert :P

LiL said...

wow i have some errors in my post...hahaha! "cute the cutie" wtheck does that mean