Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Spectacular, Twenty-Seven Days Down

Room is clean again!

I was the spotlight operator along with Tonya (no picture) for the Fall Spectacular show, which is a preview show of all of Hamilton's future Fall Productions.

We did a performance for second period and there would be another showing of the Fall Spectacular at night so after the second period performance I went to Ms. I's and she was sent bunches of ICF stuff. Inner-City Filmmakers were in the LAtimes! It was cool to see them get exposure like that. One of the things they sent Ms. I was a yearbook-like thing and I was in one of the pictures! I was actually in a few but this one was most interesting because of the capture which read something like "Ms. I, one of ICF's greatest supporters, is pictured here with her students and several aspiring Inner-City Filmmakers." The funny thing is that the "several" was referring to me but I didn't realize I was several of a person! Haha! I was at all the events last year so I was bound to be in something like this. I accomplished what I wanted. At the screening for the '07 ICF class the Co-Owner recognized me!

Loved this shirt!

After school we went to Campos before the evening's performance.

Karina and Aldo joined us.

Alan and Gabby in the back.


Aaron and Donavon




Afterwards we played hide-and-seek in the theater. Mucho fun!

This is the orchestra that is set to do the score for Whoopi vs SilentBat II and "Culmination" from first Whoopi vs SilentBat. Looking forward to that day.

Dad picked me up and we were away. Except, I was under the impression that he was a bit tired (see above).

Aaron wasn't very photogenic either.

I can always trust Kai though!


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