Saturday, October 13, 2007

V100 Taste of Soul 2007

Dad's house. First thing we did was head to Beverly High where my dad was volunteering to coach the girl's team there during a practice game against Inglewood.

He did this shooting drill with this girl first.

Then they played! Beverly girls won over the Inglewood girls.

After the practice game we went to V100's Taste of Soul event on Martin Luther King (MLK) street to Rodeo (I think).

I finally recognized that there was a blue line on MLK street for the cut off of the parade when it happens.

We went to Denny's and shortly after we went to Goodwill to get Aaron a Halloween costume (look to the blog right after this one to see it).

Kai really loved Elmo.

At one point he grabbed Elmo's right leg and hugged it! I was desperately trying to take a picture of it but there was a huge crowd and when I got a clear shot he stopped hugging Elmo's leg.

Nice pet.

That bean pie was bomb!

Again, I look like a dork!

Bobby Brown was there.

And we were out!


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erika said...

looks like lots of fun. except for the bobby brown part. :)