Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October Third Tennis, Twenty Days Down

I titled the subject as thus because today in Tennis class guess what we did? We played tennis! A shocker, I know! After a full month of school being in session and a full three weeks of us dressing we have finally started to play tennis instead of doing Yoga and running.

But the class wasn't left without a flaw of course. So the other day, Monday or Tuesday I believe, my bus came late and since my school is on a block schedule my third period was actually my first period which is my Physical Education period and my bus was late so I could not dress. On this same day the class had to do a mile-run for the only grade he would have recorded for the first five weeks (which are due by Friday). Today, after we played tennis he shouted out names and he noticed that I missed my run. He asked me if I would do the run and I was like sure. And then he kept looking at me and I was like "now!?" And he was like "you want to run right?" And then I asked someone how much time we had and they told me there was five minutes left and one of my friends suggested to me that I tell him no so I turn around and tell him no and then he was like "do you want to fail?" And I argued that there wouldn't be enough time to do a ten-minute mile run in five minutes and he's like "the fail the run!" So I went all the way from the tennis courts down to the track and ran my four laps into the shower bell under 8:00 minutes time. What a douche my super substitute "tennis" teacher is. Can't wait for our real teacher to come back in December.

Anyway, October 3 shall go down in Hamilton High School Tennis Class History.

In other news, the PSP was sold to this very lovely young lady (Candace) for a fair sum of $75 dollars with a game. Thus, the bidding for the PSP has ended but there are still more options to buy from. Please still contribute! I will be updated my blog titled "And The Selling Begins" with the new results. The Katana and Tanto are on their way out the doors.

Below are the couples of Hamilton. Pictures were taken for Yearbook (hopefully these couples will stick it out until the end of the year).

Awww, they're so in love! Look at the love strangle Whoopi is giving her! So sweet.

Peace! Lupe Fiasco critique will happen. I've just have been uber busy. Sorry!


WHOOPI said...

excuses!!!! its because he's watching teh n00dz!

LW said...

lol, go easy on him whoopi :P

WHOOPI said...

i want a blog and i want a blog now!!!

Alyssa said...

[those couple pics]
make me jealous


WHOOPI said...

hell ya...i kno how to choke a chick!

*_*Antoine*_* said...

I think I solidified being okay with being single by not feeling any sort of jealousy.

v-dog said...


I really like the pictures you took!!

especially the "love strangle"...proof that im in an abusive relationship lol