Friday, October 5, 2007

No Mac G4 Friday, Twenty-Two Days Down

Damn straight my butt (explained below).

It was funny what my brother did this morning. Half way to our bus stop he tells me he needed to run back to the house cause he needed to get his wallet and I was telling him he had about four minutes to run both ways and he starting zooming off. He came back pretty fast with some time to spare.

I finally got to see the iPod nano up close!

Looks like our substitute in AP English was just as bored as we were.

Being silly because we were bored.

That baby would be mine!

Yessir it's Friday which means Mac G4 day! Right? Right?

Wrong! I was let out of my 7th period early cause we had all our work done and I pretty much skipped my way to Ms. I's class to pick up the G4 (see above for picture). When I got into her room I headed straight to the back room to pick it up and wait for Jose (the guy who was selling it to me) to come by so we could put it up in his car and take it home. But Ms. I gets in front of me and I remember trying to get around her but she starts rambling on about how I couldn't get the computer yet and I'm like "WHA!?" And she was like "Yeah ... he forgot to put Final Cut 5 on there and there's a few more things he has to do with it before he can give it to you. Plus, I want to find you that monitor so you'll have one." Then I guess I made a really foul expression or something because she said, "Oh stop that! You should be appreciative of this! He's doing you a favor." And then I felt a little bad because she was right. I asked her when I could expect it and she shook her head sadly and said she didn't know. So I left her room and started to pout.

I didn't mind so much that I would have to wait to get it but what really got me was how they put me on cloud nine for a whole day and then at the end of day when they could have told me that whole day that I couldn't get it that day made me annoyed. I think I had to see Ms. I twice that day before after school and I called Jose once.

So I went down by the football field because Jose said he was going to be filming to football came on the roof of the boy's gym. But I can't get anywhere near cause it was on lock-down to the max. But on my way to the gym I saw Brittany (you can see her in a few blogs previous on her birthday). I started talking to her and we headed to the gas station to get stuff to drink. When I went to pay for my drink I set my text book down on the counter and left without it without realizing.

Me sad because I didn't have my Mac with me. Arghflagems!

Then halfway through the bus I realized I didn't have my book with me! I was trying to think back to everything I did. Did I leave it in the auditorium in tech class? No because I remember holding it when I went up to Ms. I's. Did I leave it by the basketball courts when I was talking to Brittany? No because I had it when I went to the gas station with her? Did I leave it by the -- wait! I left the effin' book on the counter at the gas station to free up my hands to buy stuff!

Immediately I went for my cell and I called my grandmother at home to ask her to take me back to school after we got off the bus.

Me and my brother getting off the bus and heading to my grandmother.

Trusty old grandma!!

Me sad and annoyed at myself for leaving my book! Would it even bee there? What if someone took it? What if they thought they could take it to school? To the book lady? Was my name even in it? No! Because it was new book that I had just got because I was absent (see a few blogs back) at a doctor's appointment and I had to get my book on my own time and I wasn't reminded to put my name in my book by my teacher! Damn! This day was turning out to not a very good one.

Closer ...

Closer .......

Closer .............

Closer ..........................

Closer ................................................


I went into the Chevron and I didn't see my book where I had left it! I went up to the owner and asked him if he saw a book with a green book cover on it and he pointed to this place where he put all lost books and my eyes widen. A lot of kids left their books in that place. I went to look for my bright green book cover but it wasn't there! But then my heart subsided as I saw the cover of my Pre-Cal book and realized he must have taken off the book cover to identify it.


I was happy for the moment.

But I still had no Mac.

Then I thought. Darn! I won't be able a few projects that I wanted to do over the weekend with the new Mac. Like the opening titles for the Drama and a new videoblog with some new things on it.

Then I fell asleep in the car. I know! How the heck would I be able to take a picture of myself if I fell asleep!? Well I can always tell when I am about to fall asleep so I took a picture of myself before I fell asleep. Sure enough, about thirty seconds after this picture I was genuinely sleeping. And when I got home I slept some more and didn't wake up until the next morning. I got a full 12 hours of sleep (from 6:00 pm - 6:00 am)

The new age of college? Lectures on YouTube?

This also looks pretty cool. To bad I have no PS3, eh?

Making of "The Good Life"


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