Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Substitute, Thirty-One Days Down

It's 7:00 and my bus isn't here. What does that mean? It means our regular bus driver is back. Sad face.

So I just came from my fourth period AP English Literature class and Ms. Stonehill was absent once again. Sad face. We always have pretty strange substitutes who come through but today we had one of the most odd ones yet. First, she started off the class promoting this Opera and this contest to watch an Opera. She said we had to write a two page essay stating why we should go the concert. Eventually, I don't know how, the subject turn to China and how it would be the greatest economic power in the world soon and how in twenty years Los Angeles will be a polluted ruin like in Bladerunner.

Half-way through the class we finally got our actual assignment which was on Sonnents from Shakespeare. I wasn't doing the work and saving it for homework and she called me out because I was talking and then I tried to play it off as if I were talking about couplets and iamb meters from Shakespeare and then she says that I should teach her a few things because she was a history major and that somehow turn her into saying I was handsome and I said thank you. But what really got me is when she said, "And you are so articulate." Now, I being the only African-American male in the joint took this to mean "I'm so impressed with how well you speak with the current situation you are in" so I retort with a "Yeah, are you surprised?" to which the class burst out with laughter. And what really really got me after that is that she didn't get it at all and just went on talking about pollution and operas and stuff like that. She was pretty off.

Another yearbook sibling picture below.

Portrait for the Fall Drama.

And a cage I never knew about.

First practice for Whoopi vs SilentBat was really good. Whoopi has gotten a lot better from the first. I think the teasers also really help him out as well. There are four major sections in the duel. We merely practiced the first half of the first section.

Oh my! SilentBat has Whoopi pinned down!!

Huge clash coming! Look at that balance I have! Thanks Mr. Lott!

Taking a little break.

The setting of the duel.

SilentBat with two lightsaber! Oh golly! This isn't looking good for Whoopi.

Some guy was saying "That's not pee! That's a shadow"

No, it most definitely was pee. A little two or three year old was sitting there and wet herself on the way back from practice.

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Anonymous said...

i thought whoopi was flipping u off in several of those pictures