Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Antoine Alone, Thirty Days Down

Why is the picture so nice today and well-light. Well, I figured out auto-contrast, auto-levels, auto-color today in photoshop. I know, some of you are like "you are so late!" but hey, whatcha gonna do?

I took pictures for yearbook today and here are a few (see below).

The picture below is special and I need to take a bunch more pictures like these because we are doing a section in the yearbook for sibilings. Tomorrow my goal is to have someone take a picture of my brother and me, the Studors, the Gerdes', and a few more.

Today I was bored in math so I did this (see below). I was inspired by two fellow folks (Alyssa and Daniel). It also inspired the title for today which says "Antoine Alone" if you caught it. The story behind the names of Daniel and Alyssa's name is that they typed each others names in when they were thinking of each other because they were lovebirds so I said, "hey! something like that shouldn't be exclusive to couples but single dudes like me!" Thus, I decided to write myself on a calculator and give myself a cute little smiley face.

The set for the Fall Drama at Hamilton: You Can't Take It With You. This Saturday is an all day tech. Sad face.

After school there were these cookies outside Room 511 in the lab building and I asked this girl who was next to them if they were up for grabs and she was like "I don't know." Now in translation for me she pretty much told me "Go ahead, take a handful of cookies and walk away with no remorse." Therefore, that's exactly what I did and boy free stuff sure is yummy! It wasn't that great and I wasn't even that hungry but because it was free it was extremely delicious.

So funny!

Peace and much love


Alyssa said...

i want a retake of the pic of me&val =] with my new hair

old hair = yuck

v-dog said...

lol!! i disagree i love that picture of me and alyssa your amazing antoine!!!

oh for the siblings page your gonna do for yearbook make sure to include the davis sisters!! amanda and kim, i think one of them has a class with you!

LW said...

the davis sisters would look great in the sibs area [i love how im saying this and i already graduated lol]

and HEY YOU. I'll type your name on a calc :]