Saturday, December 22, 2007

Va-Lilly-Ann-Twone Day @ Promenade

Today I went to hang out with two of my female homies, Valerie and Lillian.

This is Lillian's Christmas gift that I gave to her today. The poem, I think, is pretty nice. Valerie can second that, she read my first draft.

Shortly after I took this picture a DASH bus (local bus) came by and a guy got off the bus and ran across the street to catch another one and got ran over by a car. So when I got up to see if they guy was doing okay (of course he wasn't) he was standing up but when he stood up you could hear a very loud crack and he was holding his knee and the bottom of his leg, I swear, was not attached to the bottom of his knee and he yelped and fell right back down. A bunch of sweet ladies went next to him and the cops came and that's the last I saw before I got on my bus to meet Lillian.

Meanwhile, Lillian was on her bus from her home coming to Los Angeles being freaked out by some eccentric lady. She came over, we sat down. I gave her my gift to her. She showed me her gift to Valerie I said I still needed to get hers when we got to the promenade. The bus arrived soon enough after and we got on. Lillian pointed out that she was being followed cause there were people on the bus who were with her all the way from her house (including the eccentric lady, who got off and walked into an alley).

When we got to the promenade we searched for places that sold Milano cookies but we couldn't find any so we got Val some Burt's Bee lip balm and candle with a candy cane and a chocolate Santa which I think she ate if you look at her blog. We waited for Val in the mall where we unknowingly were being watched by her while we combined our gifts and tried to fit them into the bag below.

The only reason I look mad/sad is because Lillian said to!


Then we headed to the Apple Store where we took tons of photos with Apple's Photobooth on their 24 inch iMac.

Photos here.


Lilly-Ann-Twone (the originals)

Uh ... A - larie ... V - Ann - twone ... uh ... let's skip this one

The shoes of Va-Lilly-Ann-Twone

Valerie left to go to a b-day party for two twins so Lillian and I continued the day with her there in spirit.

So we went to Bubba Gump for a number of reasons. (1) We were hungry. (2) We'd never been. (3) I mean duh ... Bubba Gump ... Forrest Gump anyone?

So we got there and were super amazed! It was greatly themed under a Forrest Gumpish manner. If there was a real Bubba Gump restaurant that existed in Forrest's world it would have been just like that! Plus, we had a really good waiter named Matt!

The two pictures below depict this awesome system they had going on at the place. If you wanted the waiter to go away then you put up "Run Forrest Run" and if you wanted them to come to you you'd put up "Stop Forrest Stop"

Oh and they had paddles!

SIDE NOTE: Man, she's pretty

Forrest favorite soda!
We loved our waiter so much that we gave him this on the back of the check:

"Yo Matt, [We forgot what we wrote here] Your enthusiasm and jovial personality brought smiles to our hungry faces. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. This was definitely a memorable first time.

- Lillian and Antoine

P.S. Run Forrest Run

P.P.S Thanks for the pen"

Bus ride to mi casa
(We took pic with my little brother's (Kai's) gift)

"Elmo answers my calls when im not there.

Kai is really gonna like his present!!
I test hugged it [many times] so its been pre-loved! hehe"
- Lillian Wu

We got to my house and played cards until Lillian's mom's arrival.

War was one of the card games

When Lillian's mom got there I got up and look at all the change that dropped out of my pocket.

"Antoine and his "two cents" layed on the ground :]"
- Lillian Wu



vdog said...

today was fun =]
sorry i didnt answer back on aim, my mom was using my computer

Boredom said...

me and alyssa wanted to make it

LiL said...

HAHA that was such a funny blog
-it was a good day!! VaLiL is such a silly

you and alyssa were missed

Alyssa!! [and Daniel, cuz you guys are a unit lol] I better see you soo. Pablo you are missed!!

Anonymous said...


-Elmo really does answer my calls
hes a real help
-Matt was amazing
-Ewww leg not attached guy and ahhhh that crazy woman lol
-shirrrrmmpp!!! drool
-apple store pics = priceless

LiL said...

hahaha that was me again. wow i keep on forgetting something each time! grrrr

vdog said...

I look tired in every single picture!!!
i must sleep more!!