Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lily-Ann-Twone Day Parte Tres

So Lillian and I have had ourselves a trilogy and it just hit me now that this is the first time I've actually hung out with just one person three times and have truly enjoyed myself each session. Actually, if I think about it, I think she's the first girl I have ever hung out with alone (without a group) even once, let alone two or three times! I genuinely am excited for making sequels with this wonderfully amazing girl! I don't know where she came from. It's like she plop out of the sky into my laptop and then jump out from the screen into my arms to hold ... hmmm ... let's get to the day ...

This was my outfit of choice
And my shoe of choice

A beautiful day for two special peeps

I was trying to play practical joke on her but she totally messed it up. I was calling her to tell her to come out. And then I would wait for her to look outside to see I wasn't there and I was going to take a picture of her all confused and junk ... but she didn't walk out, instead she texted me saying she thought I got the wrong house.

"Hey little buddy. So later you wanna meet up. What ... that girl over there ... don't worry about her. I'll ditch her after the movie she's not that cool any -- Hey Lillian! Oh what's that? You're taking a picture. Okay!"

"So hey little buddy. You wanna meet up later after the loser over there leaves. I'll act like I have to go the bathroom during the movie and never come back. That would be great wouldn't it! Then I'll have you all to myself! What's that Antoine? Smile for the camera? Okay ... CHEESE!"

High fives!

No pictures for I AM LEGEND but it was a nice movie and a nice experience to have with Lillian! After the movie we got on a bus to head to Denny's but we overshot the stop we were supposed to get off and had to walk half a mile but it was chill because we had each other to talk to and all that!

Once she realized I was taking a picture of her ...

... she hid

"I'm watching you."

"And I'm watching you ..."

She was, like, extremely hungry! (look at that kid in the background, haha)

WU silhouettes

Bunny ears silhouette

Random. But an awesome and accidental picture.

Once again, pretty, ain't she? Out does me by light years!

Silly faces



WHOOPI said...

aaww!! sweet!!

Davohn said...

you guys are pretty damn cute if i must say so myself.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

davohn do you have a blog url or what? i click on your name but it says you dont have a viewable profile