Sunday, December 2, 2007

Six in the Morning Review

Part 1

Part 2

Wow ... I can't believe I'm saying this but ... I was disappointed with this. Especially after a year and a half hype on it. I'll have to watch it a second and third time to really give a full review but my first impression is that it won't be long-lasting for me. I don't know. It didn't stay with me like Three in the Afternoon did.

I think the main issue I had with it was its acting. Erin (the girl) was really bad to me. When she was first seen in the movie I thought she was a robot/hologram and I was waiting for Corey to slice her to reveal she wasn't real. But alas, she was the real deal. Her acting was really flat and I think she gave a much better performance in Three in the Afternoon. Corey, I thought, did well at certain points but at most other times he gave a really unnatural performance and his transition from being all, "ooo I hate the world, I'm listening to Opera," to being their friend again wasn't done all that well to me. Like Anakin's transition to the dark side, I thought it was too abrupt. Travis was solid. Nothing too spectacular nothing too dull. He delivers his lines the best I think. Pruitt, like I was saying before definitely did the best! He's always been my favorite. That guy really knows comedy and how to work with it. Best line: "Sssh ... let's not talk." I really didn't like either of the Hasbro guys. I'm not exactly sure what it was about them that I didn't like but I just didn't. Perhaps I can elaborate on that later.

The second issue I think I had with Six was its story and writing. Let me start off by saying it was a fantastic idea! I loved the beginning with the newscaster and the idea of having real lightsabers in the hands of children and the irresponsibility of the Lucas Industry. But what the story lacked was a nice pace. Really what it comes down to is the time. And I think a few minutes could have been shaved off from it. Three had great pace and quick bantering between the three main characters (Travis, Pruitt, and Corey) and I really loved that about the third one. The interaction between those three. In Six there wasn't too much between the three and for me some of the best stuff came from when they are came together (from when Pruitt arrives up to when Erin shows up) was really great stuff. Great comedy. Nice pace like I remember it from Three. Also, dealing with the pace, I think the plot was bludgered into our heads an awful too much. I think we understood how evil and diabolical it was to sell the lightsabers to children halfway into the night scene when they were talking all that time. Hmmm ... I don't know, that could just be me and I'm just being nitpickey about that bit. But I really do think the pace was too slow. Much slower than Three (and not just because Six was generically longer). And that whole thing with the friends breaking apart could have done for some bludgering rather than the scheme of selling the lightsabers because I felt it was thrown at us when Travis walks off. For the whole first of the film I don't think it's ever expressed that Travis wants his friends back. I mean, instead of him looking at a picture of the three of them hanging out he's fiddling with his lightsaber.

My third issue would be the action. I think the battle between Pruitt and Corey in Three was much more intense and well choreographed than anything from Six. Six had a lot of stop and go moments that really hindered the action (there was a lot of ignition and deactivation of lightsabers). I did like how Travis reused shots and choreography bits from Three. Like the clash between Corey and Hasbro guy and the spinny move thing Pruitt did before he got his butt kicked. Also, about the butt-kicking and "gore". I think it was really out of place to have as much "gore" as there was in this film (i.e. Travis getting cut [like Obi-Wan did in Attack of the Clones, might I add], and Hasbro guy getting his leg cut off). I think they were placed in there because they were cool effects. But really I think they were out of place in a comedic film like this. Every time I saw some sort of gore like this I would be torn between feeling bad or not for the character. I don't know, I don't think it was the best choice. And the editing within the action scenes sort of bugged me too. I think it was too choppy at points and very difficult to figure out the geography of the fight, especially when Security Guard guy and Erin were fighting, I think.

I did really like the credits. Those were extremely cool. Especially the ending with the really cool transition into NINE IN THE EVENING!

I'm sure I have more to say but I'm extremely tired and most of my little review is so unorganized and haphazard in many ways. I had a busy weekend so I have to be out for now.

Something also a little disappointing ... "The Coolest" as will be heard on "The Cool". The live acapella he did was much better. It's much better with the chorus being slowed down like he did in his acapella. This is the first track on the cool that I'm kinda iffy about. So glad that I have the acapella version to go to if I ever wanted!

[I'm less disappointed with Lupe after listening to it more]



Vaportrail said...

I really liked it, actually. I understand some of your negative comments, but they really didn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your review. I found "Six" rather underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, there was some good stuff, but that just served to disappoint more: it showed glimpses of what it could have been. I've been amazed by the automatic praise this little movie has received. Thanks for the gutsy, thoughtful review.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

thank you for agree with my anonymous. and yes i think it's getting a lot of quick praise but congrats to Travis.