Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

This is from the Whoopi vs. SilentBat comic, well not exactly, of course! First off, it still needs color. Second, that's not the dialogue. Third, this is just one panel!

Lillian's gift to me: A wonderful picture [frame] and toenail clippers!

My gift to Lillian

Tim Buckley's (artist of CAD-comics.com) girlfriend's gift to him (so jealous!):

"Britanny and I exchanged gifts tonight because I’m heading up to Cape Cod tomorrow for Christmas with my family. She gave me a bunch of great stuff, but this necklace is just too awesome.
It would be a cool gift if she had bought it, but she made it, which to me makes it a priceless gift. She had to take a few general classes this semester to finish up her credits to graduate, and one of them was a jewelry (jeweling?) class, where she made the necklace for me. She inscribed “Save the World” on the back, with her initials.

Anyway, I just though it was really great, and wanted to show it off.

Now I just need some super powers…"

(This gift beats any gift I've seen anyone get so far).

My gift to Valerie


1 comment:

LiL said...

DOOD I loved my gift. and you know it cuz you heard my voice when i opened it haha. too bad it was over the phone or youd see my facial expression too!
and ahh...im glad you had help picking out her gift COUGH COUGH what would you do without me? HAHA!! jk jk
your a smart cookie

and wow that necklace WAASSS a cool gift! also one of the best ive seen