Saturday, December 15, 2007

Full Day's Dose of WvS2

The day started with my dad dropping us off at the rear of the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Park.

We did a bit of walking before we got here. Most of you are probably not familiar with Kenneth Hahn but getting from the back to this river here is a little bit of a walk.

After the first scene was shot Whoopi treated us all to ice cream/popsicles ... I treated us to bus fare ... haha!

My brother and I started to walk up a mountain for the next scene.

While we were climbing Whoopi had fun with my digital camera. I love my video camera, we've been through a lot. It's 10 days still our one year anniversary.

I leave him with the camera for a few minutes and he's posing with Panny! (Panny's my camera's nickname)

After we did our scene Whoopi came behind us to climb the rest of the way.

Hiking is no joke! It's really tough.

After dueling a little bit at the top I put some blood make-up on Whoopi.

Same for my brother.

'Twas a nice view, save for the smog!

And back down we went after we got it all shot.

We got to Hamilton later in the evening and shot some dialogue shots before the grand duel that we shot yesterday. And let me say it was FREEZING! My toes are still numb right now.

And we were gone! Now the only thing to shoot is two more flash back scenes after winter break!

My mom dropped off my new phone while we were filming at Hamilton. It's the Sprint Sanyo Katana. I haven't messed around with it enough now to make a full assessment of it, but I will. Why get a new phone? X-Mas is 10 days away! Well, see, my old phone died on me and I've been without a phone for two and a half weeks so my mom ordered me this new one! Yay!

Which reminds me! All my numbers have been wiped so please send me a facebook/myspace message with your name and number. If you don't already know my number just ask for it in a message.

After we got off the bus I bought us some Carl's Jr. and my grandma picked us up.

It was a fantastic day.


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