Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve/Year in Review

This year was a good year. Not my best academic year but creatively and socially it's on the top.

It really all started with Whoopi vs. SilentBat, of course!
We (Whoopi and I) even held a private screening!

Would you believe that people asked us for our autographs afterwards?
Yeah, film played a big role in this year of my life!

Some things got canceled though.

Some weren't!

I got with this chick at the beginning of the year. January 4th to be exact.

But we split in June. Sad face.I also fell out of a friendship with this dude.

But I made new friends!


DanielAlyssa and Valerie

Donovan & TonyaAlan

I got very familiar with the Metro this year.

Black History Month (in March) was amazing! We showed Whoopi vs. SilentBat and had a great response but it didn't sit too well with Ms. Holand who we kept distracted as we showed the whole version of Whoopi vs. SilentBat without her knowing! Muhahaha!

People got their hustle on this year.
Ryan vs. Dorkman II came out this year and I got to meet Ryan at their premiere! Woot!

Met some fellow fan filmers. Some who knew me from the TFN boards.

I entered Whoopi vs. SilentBat and Puzzle Search and I was the first filmmaker to in the Santa Monica Teen Film Fest to have two of his films accepted! Yay! But then ... no yay! Cause the vote was super biased and they didn't let Whoopi's Jerk Space in. In fact, they let in some of the wackest movies in over his film.
Shortly after the film fest I began writing the script for the sequel of Whoopi vs. SilentBat.

I did this as I prepared for my next film "The Devil's Company" which had a bomb script and I had some really good actors to go along with it but I was grounded for my lacking grades and the film was never shot. But I'm definitely storying away my script for it and I'll shoot it in college.

For my little brother (directly left to me in the picture below) we went to Disneyland! The new old submarine ride was reopen but there was no way we were going to get on it! The line went from Tomorrowland all the way to Fantasyland, a few feet from It's A Small World.
And the final installment of Harry Potter was out! It was a great and emotional book. I commend J.K. Rowling for writing the ending she wanted!
And it was my last year at VIP Scholars summer program at UCLA! Twas fun but an awful lot of drama that summer. Much more than the last at least. But I learned tons and tons!

This was one of the best films I saw this year. Beautifully directed. This was one of the greatest disappointments! THE GREATEST!

This was one of the most entertaining movies I saw!
This is the funniest movie I have seen my whole freakin' life! Forget just this year!
This was the best tragedy all saw in a long while!This is the best thriller I've seen all year. Although I really disliked the ending.

I got back into drawing as well.
Senior year started. Thus far it's been bloody brilliant! Jeez I talk about Harry Potter for one caption and look at me!

Mr. Maxon, of course, screwed up my program. I was supposed to have seven classes! SEVEN! Does that look like seven to any of you!?

I also got lei'd on the first day of school! Totally scored! Hehe! No not really.

Awww through the ages huh?

I got into cooking a bit.

I've made smoothies a bunch.Oatmeal

This is probably the worst cut I received all year! There was this big guy who was trying to have his way with this little 9th grader and I told him to stop and he pulled a knife on me! Yeah! I knife! So he caught me off guard and swiped me once across the arm and then I grabbed his wrist and took out my lightsaber to chop his arm off on top of my unicorn in a fantasy land that will never be real! No. I really got the cut by walking by my counter and scraping it! Yeah. I know, I'm a square!

I did some good deeds.

Joined the yearbook staff! Even made this year's badges!

Again, I cooked!

Hung with family!

Cooked some more.

I got paid for a tech job I did.

Got started on Whoopi vs. SilentBat II

Purchased a sweet wand (I'm thinking about doing a short film in a Harry Potter setting now with wand duels and the like. Hehe)

I ranked pretty well in my school.

Whoopi vs. SilentBat II went into production!

I lost my book! But got it back! I also broke two cameras this year which puts the count to four cameras now that I've broken from the Canon Powershot series. Yikes!

Made lots of tea!

Didn't have an English teacher for the longest time. So people did a lot of this (see below).

My brother found a great infatuation for Elmo!

Heroes: Volume 2: Generations was a bit of disappointment but it ended well enough. Still my favorite (maybe even second favorite next to Lost) show.
I got a few cards from some filmmakers. I've been networking!

I broke the monotony with a new haircut. Hadn't had a new haircut since I had dread locks when I was 12.
I was Harry Potter crazy! So I had to dress up as my favorite house!: Ravenclaw!

Met a wonderful person! And by "met" I mean "befriend" (blog readers and I have been through this!)

Doin' pretty well in yearbook, I think.

New baby cousin: Augie

Got a hand-me-down PC laptop from my mom and I bought myself a new and used Mac G4 for editing.
Did the opening titles for the school's drama production!

And I was in it too. (But just for one night)

Got a letter!

And I returned the favor!
My iPod mini finally died on me.

My brother may have found love?!

More family time!

Friends turning 18!

Locked a close friendship

I saw my first "on location" movie production (with new film-loving eyes) and was super excited!

I became and official technical theater person (which I've come to realize is a bunch of whining over actors and going to Campos)

More teching.
I started a script and some thumbnails for a Whoopi vs. SilentBat comic book!

More cooking!

Mac's new OS Leopard crapped out on my Mac G4. Sad face.

More cooking!

Another letter (which I will reply to soon ... but shhh don't let her on about that)

Doin' what a love! Shooting a flashback scene in Whoopi vs. SilentBat II

This officially makes me a senior in high school!

Another good fan film that came out this year. I met the director of this film at the Ryan vs. Dorkman II premiere. He's a good guy.
More Whoopi vs. SilentBat II!

X-Mas Hang-Outs

Nice tracks. Not a great album as a whole.

Best dead pigeon I saw all year.

My brother is a silly silly boy.

Things I look forward to in 2008:

The feature length Star Wars fan film that is a homage to Seven Samurai: Seven Jedi!

The next Harry Potter film. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. The last film was great! In my opinion the best one yet! This one is being directed by the same guy so it should be just as good!

Heroes: Volume 3: VilliansLost Season 4! Just yesterday I finished Season 3 and caught up!

My graduation and college! I've already been given a spot in Cal State Los Angeles so far (welcome letter below).
And of course the summer film program Inner City Filmmakers. I can't wait!
And duh! Everything Whoopi vs. SilentBat!

Really it's just another day! I don't even think I'll be counting down.

Today's Ctrl+Alt+Del comic was very funny today

Dear Antoine,

Welcome! Thank you for considering California State University, Los Angeles for your college career. Since 1947, Cal State L.A. has provided an academic environment that has contributed greatly to our graduates' success. Because the University is located near the heart of Los Angeles - California's largest and one of the nation's most culturally rich cities - you will have the opportunity to study in a global, interactive setting that is both applicable and valuable to employers in the real world.

Like the many thousands of successful alumni who have gone before you, we expect that you will profit professionally, economically, socially, and, of course, personally, as a result of the academic and individual growth you will experience at this University. At Cal State L.A., we constantly strive to maintain an environment characterized by close faculty/student interaction, exceptional learning opportunities - both on and off-campus - and extensive academic resources and student support services.

We look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals. I sincerely hope you will choose to attend this great University as an important step toward a promising future, both at Cal State L.A. and beyond.

With best wishes,

James M. Rosser



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