Monday, December 3, 2007

Classic Nickolodeon Introductions, The Cool Preview, and Heroes Finale Review

Classic Nickelodeon Intros

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Preview of the tracks on The Cool

What do I think about the Heroes finale of VOLUME 2: Generations?: Flawed! Nathan and Nikki's deaths did it for me but why didn't Hiro stop time and take the virus. Why didn't Adam just have killed Hiro once he had him under his hand three times. Why would Peter and Hiro so readily fight each other? Why would the New Orleans thug make such an elaborate death trap for Monica? Argh! The last five minutes really did save it for me. I mean, I really didn't expect Nathan to get shot like that assassin style. But why didn't anyone look behind them to see a dark figure walking away? Sylar coming back was ... hmmm okay. I was more thrilled to see the title for VOLUME 3: Villians. With Sylar back I can look forward to some Peter/Sylar battles which should be more intense than their last confrontation at the end of Season 1.

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Danni said...

Lovin the Original All That intro
and ii totally agree with the Hero's statement, except, im not really into the fact that Sylar is still alive can he die and be done with it and ii disliked how my two fav. characters ended up dieing ...such a bummer =( But everything else ii totelly agree ^_^
Writers Strike needs to end, ii want more Hero's g2m....