Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Dream & Call of Duty 4

I had an I Am Legend type dream where everyone was dying because of the virus. The first encounter it was my brother, my auntie (Kiyah, who is my age), and me. I think we were taking the metro back to Kiyah's place and while we went there was a lot of strange things happening on the streets we passed. People were attacking each other and we thought they were just a bunch of brawls. Then, we got home to find that my little brother Kai was infected and he was really pale. We asked what was up and the family told us.

And that night we were attacked. Not by the mutants, but by other humans who were looking for a spot to loot. We took care of them as best we could with baseball bats and the like but who really saved the day was my dad who just got there with his car and some guns (which I assume he got from a gun store). He told the family that there was a lady hiding a bunch of children in her house down the street and he left us all there except me and my brother Aaron.

So we went out with our dad, scavenging for things to live off of and the rest of the dream was a blur. It was just a series of attacks as we looted grocery shops but what I do remember is the last grocery shop and how some lady was trying to stop us and we left. Then we were driving in some futuristic car (this is where the dream got to be, well, dreamy) which could take off and fly at lightspeed. So we flew the car to Milwaukee. Why? I have no idea. But I guess we were of course cause we ended up at Mount Rushmore (which is in South Dakota). So we landed at the foot of Mount Rushmore at a parking lot and it was getting late cause we hopped an hour in time (because of time zones, not time travel). So we got there and we saw some gate open at the foot of Mount Rushmore and it was what I assume to be a mutant and a dog. The mutant let the dog go and my dad chased after the mutant as the dog came for us. Aaron went down as the dog jumped on him and got bit bad. I started to shout at the dog and it came for me but I stepped aside at the last second and it ran passed but made another pass at me. My brother got up at that point and then my dad shot the dog and was like "Why don't you guys have guns!" and he kept shouting that as I started to wake up and I saw that my brother was changing into a mutant.

Eh ... bad dream. Made me feel like a failure.

OMG! ... It's 12:45 AM now (next day) and my brother just told me that he had a dream last night that he was a mutant from I Am Legend! How crazy is that! Brotherly connections! And the funny thing is that we were sleeping in the same bed (no homo) that night.


OH and I kicked some major ass today in Call of Duty 4! We had a tournament today (my brother, my mom's boyfriend's son, and me) in Palmdale. We went through nine matches and the two people with the best records faced each other and the one with the better record got to chose the stage. Then the loser of the championship match got to play for second place with the third place opponent of the nine matches and the first place opponent got to choose where they played (confused?). Well I was the winner of the nine matches which we called "the season" and I chose to play in the Vacant stage, which is an extremely close-corners battle with no places to hide, against Lil' Kevin (mom's boyfriend's son). The battle didn't end well for Lil' Kevin. I beat him 125-80. I was playin' so well. Duckin' in and out of corners, around barrels, makin' him thinking I was here when I was there ... too late! BLAM! He was gone ... gone ... gone ... lifeless again. A victim to another one of my bullets! Well anyways the great tragedy lies with Lil' Kevin.

So after our match and after I was dubbed the most awesome Call of Duty 4 player of the house, Lil' Kevin had to play my lil' brother Aaron for second place and I chose the Showdown stage for them (video below. Aaron = Top Screen. Lil' Kevin = Bottom Screen). I think my brother beat him 55-5. So the great tragedy was that Lil' Kevin went from championship game to being put to last place.

Oh! By the way ... if anyone wants to play me in Call of Duty 4 I'll be sure to kick your butts as well. Yes, those are fightin' words. Fightin' words indeed.


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LiL said...

oh no not KAI!! lol

vdog said...

I challenge you!!

lol I've never played call of duty

JFK. said...

aww shucks.
that's crazy.

*_*Antoine*_* said...

not Kai? what about Aaron!

please Val you honestly wouldn't even know how to shoot your weapon

what sucks? that lil' kevin got owned or that i had a bad dream?

vdog said...

"please Val you honestly wouldn't even know how to shoot your weapon"

wow way to be an asshole antoine

i would so know how to shoot my weapon!!

*_*Antoine*_* said...

Woah!Asshole is pretty harsh! Those legitimately are fighting words for real.

vdog said...

bring it oooooonnn mofo

*_*Antoine*_* said...

woah i'm still pretty taken aback by you callin' me an asshole

vdog said...

lol im sorry
I still love ya!
at least I didnt call you a douche lol

*_*Antoine*_* said...

douche i don't mind. but asshole hits right at the heart

vdog said...

hmm shouldnt have told me that.
now im going to randomly call you an asshole in our conversations!!