Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 Years Ago ...

... I wrote this ... (click to enlarge and read, also there are mistakes up the butt-hole! i have no idea why VIP Scholars published it without editing)

My dad was really moved by it when he read it. In fact, he's transcribing it into a word document.

Here is a link to the meaning of my last name.

In other news. From 3 to 8 o'clock I've been cleaning my room and the result:

I should have closed that bottom drawer before I took the picture.

Wallet, keys, thumb drive, camera, camera charger, brush, cards, tape of an old interview Whoopi and I did last year, dark aura stone, yellow flashlight, movies.

That corner to the right used to be a mess of music CDs and game boxes.

Harry and Mary, which I won back way back when at Knott's Berry Farm. I put them up in my closet together.

I color coordinate how my clothes are hung up in my closet.

Peace. (I'll post more screens of the rotoscoping I'm doing later)

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heh heh said...

Harry and Mary = awww i love them
they are good substitutes too