Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elisa & Tofu House

So today I went to hang out with Elisa at Tofu House.

I got there really early (like 15 minutes early) so I played some games, scratch that, demos.

Virtual Pool
Virtual Poker

Ms. Pac-Man

And Tetris

So this would be my second time going to Tofu house and ... it was amazing as ever! In fact, I may recommend it to my father.

After eating we went to the Korean Town Mall to find a gifts and junk.

This actually made me smile after Elisa's explanation of the terrible English presented here. She said that some of the text on shirts and bags were literally translated from Korean to English and sometimes things came out like "We make smile you" instead of "We make you smile" so, in fact, it made me smile! Haha!

This ... was just ... wrong

Then we went to the Korean Market

I got back home to find my brother sprawled my bed with his butt slightly poking' up.


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WHOOPI said...

hahahaha your brother alwaysmakes me laugh