Saturday, January 19, 2008

Resume Draft for Apple

TOO LATE TO HELP ME NOW! I'VE APPLIED! Let's cross our fingers and hope!


Anonymous said...

hmm u really want this job


im gonna check out a book store

*_*Antoine*_* said...

cool ... so i'm guessing i can send the resume off since no one has corrections! muhahah!

Anonymous said...

hope u get it!

Patrick said...

Hi Antoine,
Good post you've got here! I'm going to be sending my CV / Résumé in to Apple soon, and your post has been of great help.

Did you get the job in the end? Have you any tips?

What I really wanted to ask was what happens when you use the 'import resume' option on the site.
Does it scan the document and copy the content to the form, or does it send the document as is. I'm wondering this because if it just scans the document there's no point working on the presentation too much.


Anonymous said...

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