Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost Returns

First three minutes and I already had an OMG moment! There is a car chase and we find out Hurley is the one in the car and when he is caught he says he's "one of the Oceanic Six" which I assume means only six of the people on the island are rescued. We know three of them now: Jack, Kate, and now Hurley! I would even say I know who "the six" through clues and assumptions and ideas I have. I believe the fourth person would be Locke because in the last episode of Season 3 Lost during the flash forward Jack went to a funeral which no one else seem to go to. It's arguable that Locke had the best connection to Jack (aside from Boone who is dead now). And I don't think anyone else cared much for Locke but I believe deep down Jack may have a soft spot for him (for reasons I'll explain later). The other two people to fill out "the six" would be Claire and her baby because Desmund had a vision that when Charlie flipped the switch he saw Claire and the baby, Aaron, getting on a helicopter and leaving the island. So the people who make it off the island who Hurley referred to as "the Oceanic Six", I think, is Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Claire and Aaron. I think I'll elaborate more on my VideoBlog this Sunday about my thoughts on "the Oceanic Six"

24 minutes (yeah, I counted) in and future Hurley is met by a Oceanic representative and he asks "are they still alive?" And I believe that means that their are people still alive on the island even though six of them were able to leave. How do I think this way? Let's go back to the oh so important last episode of Season 3 with that final scene with Jack and Kate. What was it that Jack kept screaming? "We made a mistake! We have to go back Kate! We have to go back!" Back to what! Knowing Jack and how he wanted to fix EVERYTHING would most definitely go back to an island of people I'm sure he believes he has failed for whatever reason. But the great question. Why was it that only six people got off the island and what happen to the rest?

I had another OMG moment 45 minutes in when Jack pulled the trigger on Locke but the gun wasn't loaded! Wow! If there is one thing we know about Jack it's that he's true to his word. He said the next time he'd see Locke he would kill him and he most definitely had the chance then. On top of that he was going to shoot Locke in the middle of what he was saying! Wow!

Last five minutes future Hurley and Jack meet and we discover that the "Oceanic Six" were set to say nothing about "what really happen on the island." But what is it!? For some reason I think they made some sort of deal with these people who got on the island. This "other group" that even the others fear. In any case, this was a fantastic episode! 10 Stars!

Next episode should be a great one. So many questions. Whole new season!

Oh and I've done some more rotoscoping today:

Oh and I finished typing up the script to my up-and-coming Lupe Fiasco music video.


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