Sunday, January 13, 2008

Deathly Hallows to be split in two halves!

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I really hope Steven Spielberg does NOT direct it. I can definitely sees this as a blog topic next week. I'm pretty passionate about the Harry Potter films after watching the brilliance that was Order of the Phoenix from David Yates. I wouldn't mind Alfonzo Cauron to come on an direct either. But I would be extremely dissapointed if Steven Spielberg directed because when it comes to adaptations Spielberg is garbage.

I also wouldn't mind John Willams doing the score! He's always brilliant!

[I know some of you are like "hey! you said no more blogs for the weekend" but what i should have said is that I couldn't post yesterday's blog yesterday, or, (i.e. I can't get pictures from my day yesterdayso I can't really blog ... if that makes sense). And know, I can't get eveything I need form my laptop to make yesterday's blog but because my laptop has absolutely no battery left.]

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