Thursday, January 24, 2008

Magic the Gathering the Election '08

Magic the Gathering Club was today.

Other than that nothing much happen. The rain stopped even though I was geared out for it. We didn't have to do our mile run in P.E. and probably won't do our final run test of the semester tomorrow. 

I just took this test to see which candidate I would match up best with statistically (see below).

It said I matched up best with Edwards and the funny thing is right when I was watching something television I was like "I like the things Edwards says ... I think my vote may go to him." And then FOX was like go to our site and take our test. And lo and behold there is Edwards! At first I was between Clinton and Obama but then they had that scuffle during the North Carolina debate and I really disliked that Clinton's Campaign was starting to attacked Obama personally but what was also shocking is that Obama came down to her level and started talking about her personal pass. 
Last year I had American History (AP) and most of the elections were really scandalous and cruel and most candidates were clamoring against their opponents rather than discussing the issues of the country and how they can improve on them. After Obama and Clinton had their childish scuffle Edwards stepped up and told the South Carolinas that bickering would not give them better health care (he referred the "bickering" toward Clinton and Obama).
Today while I was watching Edwards in the news he made another valid and strong point (that I'd always wondered about before). He mentioned that candidates (like Clinton and Obama) come to certain states like Iowa or New Hampshire solely for their campaign and for their support but not really to speak to them about the issues but to speak to them about giving the candidates votes and then they leave. My Economics teacher told me Clinton and Obama spent millions of their campaign dollars for commercials and ads in Iowa and New Hampshire and I was thinking, "Wow, a lot of that money could be going to those healthcare plans you two keep promising you can pay for!"
I don't know. But if I had to vote today I would be going for Edwards.

Now we all know it's really between three people (really two) for the presidency. Whoever wins the democratic party will more than likely be the next president and I know A LOT of my friends are going to be old enough to vote and/or have registered for California's primary and are wondering who to chose. Well here's a nice place to go:

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