Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Driver's Permit, Anger and Irritation

Sorry blog readers I've been holding out on you all the last three days. Three days ago I did that whole rear in review thing. Two days ago I took a train ride. And a day ago I took my driver's permit's test and took an angry nap. So let's start with going back in time three days: [insert dreary transition into dream sequence her]:

I was going to take a shower when lil' Kevin (mom's boyfriend's son) stopped me in the hall and told me we MUST get a new game to replace Call of Duty 4 and I was like okay but can I take my shower and he's like no so we went.

While there we were trying to find a good game and I suggested Gears of War but Hollywood Video said all their copies were damaged (darn children!). So the obvious choice to do was get Halo 3 but I really wasn't that impressed with the first Halo (which is the only one I played thus far) and I really wanted to get around playing that game. I really wished Rainbow Six Vegas would have been offline multilayer. All the shooters on XBOX 360 are primarily online. Argh!

So we waited in line to rent Halo 3 and Chuck & Larry (which was hilarious!) and I saw one of the best things I ever saw in a while!: BOBA FETT BOBBLE HEAD! I had to! I had to! And I did! I bought that thing the best way it could be bought! .... with money! Yes! With money! And now it sits on my disk (no I will not take a picture of it right now, I'm tired).
And I saw a sweet deal for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 which are two of my favorite movies (what? What about Spider-Man 3? I don't even recognize that movie as part of the series, sorry.) Spider-Man 2 was amazing and that would have been great to buy alone but I'd already indulged on the $10 bobble head which I had to have and I had to turn my back on Spider-Man. Ouch.

I also took the train down from Palmdale to L.A. with my brother. I got a little motion sick but it was cool all around.

And just yesterday I took my driver's test, which I studied for the night just before. Haha!

Oh yeah, I passed by the way. But I almost didn't. The most I could get wrong was 8 and guess how many I got wrong? Haha! Yes! You guessed it! 8! Woot! So now I'll be doin' some drivin' to practice for taking my driver's test! Woot! Antoine will be drivin' full-time soon! But I'll have to get a car ... yes. Hmmm.

So my dad dropped me off home after the test but before he did that we stopped by Whoopi's house where he gave me the flashback scenes footage of Whoopi vs. SilentBat II and he gave me 10 CDs (see below)! It was great! I was feelin' great and I was going to do some REAL editing since ... man ... I can't even remember. But lo and behold, Final Cut Pro is dropping frames on me and skipping out and I can't even edit! So then I asked myself ... Why did I purchase this computer? What was its core use supposed to be for? Was it editing? Yes, yes it was! But here I am in Final Cut Pro ready to edit and its dropping frames on me! WTF! So I rebooted open new sequence did all sorts of things but it was always the same outcome so I got really angry. At one point I took my stunt saber (made out of PVC pipe) and started hitting it into my bed with clothes on it and I screamed a lot and swore ill on the guy who sold me the computer and then I took an angry nap.

When I woke up I just decided to work on a new videoblog intro which involved me cutting out certain images in photoshop. So that means you'll be seeing VideoBlog #30 in the next month. I should finish the intro tomorrow. And I'll still be editing on my PC with Movie Maker (at least for the next 10 videoblogs) then I'm going to get this job that I've been wanting to get at either a movie theater or book store so I can make enough money to get an iMac. If I work hard enough I should be able to earn enough by March or April, we'll see, because I'm entirely angry with the Mac G4 I currently have. Mac OSX Tiger runs beautifully and everything else works out fine but my editing programs! The core of my very creative being is no use to me! So I guess I'll be doing a lot of special effects stuff with After Effects and even that's limited cause I can barely capture any footage for it! Argh!

Anyway the concept I'm going for this VideoBlog intro for VideoBlogs #30-39 is your going into a MacBook Pro as though your watching my blog through it, ya know? The MacBook Pro is supposed to symbolize all computers and ... well ... I'm not explaining it well but you'll see when it's done. I'll probably post it here early. Only for you blog readers! :) If you look below what I'm basically going to do in zoom into the screen of the MacBook Pro and my intro will play out through there and at the end it'll pull out. Hmmm .... yea ... just wait and see!! Man I can't believe I'm not tired really.


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