Monday, January 14, 2008

El Concierto De Lupe Fiasco

Pictures are very lacking from this experience. Therefore ... lots of text! Woot! Reading is fun!

So it started with my mom picking me up from my house and right when I got into her car I put in "The Cool" and we played that all the way to Kiyah's house to Downtown Disney's House of Blues.

The line to get in was long. Inside was standing only.

The wristband (see below) signified that I was under 21. But that wasn't the worst part. What really sucked is that we couldn't bring cameras inside! And on top of that. If we didn't have the means of putting our cameras back in our cars we had to pay 3 dollars for THEM to hold it. Lame! Lame I say!

So once we gave them our cameras we walked into the House of Blues and it was packed. Plus, it was standing only. We headed downstairs to find a cool place to stand but we were blocked by a lot of really tall people. But it was chill because for the first house they had this band called Optimus up there that was meh. When they left we squeezed our way forward (hmmm ... I should say Kiyah squeezed our way forward) and we waiting for Lupe to come out. At first, he poked his arm our of the curtain and then fifteen minutes later he open the curtains a little bit just enough for people to the left to see him. The spotlight guys were having a little fun too. They would turn the spotlights on and off as if they were about to start the show.

Finally, after 30 minutes after Optimus was up, the curtains pulled away and Lupe, with his back turned to the audience, stood there as still as a statue as the music started to boom for "Real" from Food and Liquor. After a few beats he turned and started. For the first full hour he sort of took the audience on an adventure through "Food & Liquor". He did pretty much everything from the album except "Kick,Push II", "Emperor's Soundtrack" and "Just Might Be OK". Some special guest were Matthew Santos, Gemstones (who was once named Gemini), and Bishop G.

Then intermission came and Gemstones came out and belted a few notes! Man, that dude had vocals and he could rap. To me, he was the highlight of the show and I think he was just there just to hold us over during the intermission. Can't wait to hear more from here. By the way, if you too are interesting in Gemstones take a listen to "The Die" on "The Cool" and the chorus in "Dumb it Down" except the second chorus when it's the stereotypical white guy.

Soon, Lupe came back and did a few tracks from "The Cool" like "The Coolest", "Little Weapon" and "Superstar" (etc. etc.) Superstar got the biggest response. I think I was only one of the few to keep up with him on "The Coolest" because he was doing it acapella and very very fast. But when Superstar came around the place was super loud with the sounds of the audience singing along.

[Pictures from my cell phone being inserted later]


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