Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Rotoscoping and Nap!

I had no finals today but I have a big one tomorrow so I did a little more rotoscoping and took a nap as I listened to MuggleCast.

Since I don't buy the Harry Potter DVDs (for my own reasons which I do not feel like giving an explanation to right now) I had no idea there was a sneak peak to "Half Blood Prince" on the "Order of the Phoenix" DVD. When I found out today I went to YouTube and look who's about to kiss! Harry and Ginny (see below)! This is going to be so great! Haha! They are exactly the same height even though Harry is supposed to me much taller than Ginny.

Screenshot of Draco " Petrificus Totalusing" Harry on the Hogwarts Express. I just read this bit the other day. By the way, I'm reading "Half Blood Prince" right now.

New Quidditch Uniforms. It's supposed to be much more hardcore.

Death Eater Attack Targers Muggles! Harry Potter The Chosen One!


1 comment:

LiL said...

looks like a blue bikini top instead of a blue tank top

jk just had to say it lol