Monday, November 26, 2007

OSX Leopard?, Fifty-Six Days Down

CLARIFICATION: Lillian and I are friends! (Really good awesome friends, but friends no less. Unlike the folks below). People's comments on my last blog may very well be misleading and I know there are bunches more people who read this blog who don't comment on it so ... just to sort things straight ... onto today's blog!

This banana I had this morning was extremely curved. Definite phallic symbol.

I totally got OSX Leopard. But it seems to have effed up my computer and I'm not sure how to get the disk out because the computer won't turn on now. Sad face.

So they are official. I think they most definitely rushed into it but that's just one man's (this man's) opinion. Oh and by the way, do not tell them I posted these pictures on my blog because they actually specifically asked me I not post these anywhere (or at least Alan did, Candace didn't mind) but I totally am.

The stalker has been spotted!

Left alone?

Course not! He's back for more already!

So big update on some Whoopi vs. SilentBat. Whoopi and I are in the very early stages of making a comic book/graphic novel for the series. It will take place starting from a year before the events in Whoopi vs. SilentBat up until the very moments before Whoopi vs. SilentBat II and all the places in between. I've noted out the whole script (see below) and now am working the official comic strip which actually has a specific structure, believe it or not (see below to see the guide I'm using). Once the scripts done Whoopi and I will ask around for some artist help to do the pencils and general drawings. I will be doing inking and color (or just coloring, it depends) and we'll have someone else do the pencils for the comic and another artist do the cover title. Very exciting. Very exciting.

In other Whoopi vs. SilentBat news we haven't practice in a very long time so Sunday will be our first full day practice which I think we'll help a lot. I actually think we'll be able to choreograph the whole thing at least generically but not developed. We also still need to work on some line memorization for some of our acting scenes but we'll be cool. I also need to work on a schedule for all the flash back scenes and gather a large crowd of my friends and peers to be extras in the movie for said scenes. I also need to notify Doug Burch (look at the Whoopi vs. SilentBat credits to find out who he is) to see if he's still good to go! The score is at a stand still for not but I don't think we need to worry about that just yet. So all is good with that.

This is the comic guide I use. Have been using it for a good 7 years now I would say (since I turned 10 years old). It was a b-day gift and a mighty useful one I should say. I've always had some use to refer back to it.



Lilly said...

haha YOU TELL EM ANTOINE!! lol kidding. I gots much love for those commenting kiddos...altho I dont know know most of them...but you talk about them all the time might as well feel like i do! lol
maybe when i visit hami we can finally meet...well everyone cept daniel

only you would take a picture of that banana....haha

FIRST your brother, now candice and are SUCH A PAPARAZZI STALKER MAN

Anonymous said...

Candace and Alan.

THE funniest blog I've ever read. GREAT CAPTIONS!!!