Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Expression, Fifty-Eight Days Down (Half-Way Absent)

I must have eaten six or seven of these with lays crunched in the middle.

Spotting the musical is so much better with my best friend there (see below)!

After school we went to Campos and this lady said I was the only "normal" one amidst the rest of my friends who were shouting off inappropriate things in front of her daughters.

Jada Pinkett Smith was filming her movie "The Human Contract" near my house. I was so excited to be so close to all the filmmakingness. I was getting really gittery and Ben had to hold me back. He wouldn't be so gittery because his father is a producer and he's been on sets numerous time. I couldn't get enough on seeing all the crew there working and doing what (I would hope) they loved! Cause if they didn't I would love being in their place! Today would mark the first day I have been so near a set "on location" since I began my love for film.

Another great video from Matthew Metoyer, creator of the amazing titles video for "And He Gets The Girl" (see both his videos below)

Here is his latest that he titles "Expression"
You can definitely see a lot of videocopilot influence stuff in this video. I think he even uses some of the new Evolution stuff.

Here is the first video he posted based on "And He Gets The Girl"

Lupe expresses himself with The Cool

Oh yes, if anyone was wonder this is the way Whoopi and I would distribute the comic online as an alternative to just plain images. The way Heroes does it is cool but I think they lack with sound effects . I think we would take their concept and expand on it. Possibly even do voice overs if we can.


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