Thursday, November 15, 2007

Order of the Phoenix DVD Preview, Forty-Nine Days Down

Harry in Solitude

Sybil Trelawney's Messy Meal

A Walk Through The Hall of Prophecy

Fun Fact:
Over 50 Million People in the United States naturally have bad breath (see why here).

I can finally post this now since Lillian got her reply mail! I think I'll draw more this weekend of interesting photos I have in my inventory of pictures.

Powerful (this is a must watch)

Dude makes a good point

I'd argue against the third guy who spoke because if the younger generation is throwing around "nigga" without any meaning then it's not degrading them. Is it? If you tell them that it is negative then it becomes negative. But I do understand that if it is thrown around freely it is sort of abolishing what it is that did happen in the past.


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Blue Staple said...

Nice picture, "my version" is better tho...haha!
oh i adored your mail

"Antonio Banderas"